July 25, 2016

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2016.07.25

Charles discusses Thomas Paine and how he was likely the author of the Declaration of Independence, and how he contends the revolution was all a sham orchestrated by shadowy Masonic forces.

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Anonymous said...

Sham by some or not, the Revolution worked out great, in my estimation, since even if the colonists had it pretty good compared to most in the rest of the world, including in other European countries, it demonstrated that the people can choose the government they want and don't have to wait around for one.

As a result of the Revolution, we know that the post Civil War doctrine of States not being able to secede is bogus, and we know from the Declaration that governments are instituted for the sole purpose of protecting rights, and not to redistribute wealth or change social conditions as the cultural Marxists intend.