August 26, 2016

Dennis Fetcho Interviewed by Radio North Front #73 - 2016.08.25

The Fetch was interviewed by Par Oberg and Robin Palmblad from Radio North Front, the pod casting wing of Sweden’s National Socialist Party. The show was recorded on Thursday, August 25 and released (with edits) on Friday, August 25th. The show final cut show came in at 2 hours and 39 minutes. Items of discussion included background information on “The Fetch”, mass immigration into Europe, Sweden’s occupied government, the Jewish LGBTQ agenda, Jewish media dominance, 9-11, the numerous holyhoaxes, English Qaballa, and much, much more.

The show moved between humor to more serious, astute insights.

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El Buggo said...

Radio Nordfront is excellent and first class. Mainly in Swedish unfortunately (for you).

El Buggo said...

Par Oberg served 4 moths in prison. He was the editor for some publication, and they had an article with the headline "Negro-daddy put Child in the Washing Machine". It was about som black guy who had placed his kid in the washing maschine, and closed the dor so that the machine started, or something. Par Oberg served 4 moths in prison for this headline since he was the editor.

The new editor served 4 months in prison for writing "Heil Hitler - long live National Socialism".

Pretty draconian punishments in Sweden if you object to the invasion.