Monday, August 1, 2016

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2016.08.01

Charles discusses how jews will finance and arm both sides of conflict after conflict, and then gets into the case of turncoat Benedict Arnold

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al said...

Was the covert report any good this past weekend?

zapoper said...

If I were to post the Saturday Show, I would tittle it: "The Limited Hangout Report with Susan Lindauer".

Anonymous said...

I remember when Ole Dammegard was on, making very good points about the latest false flag at the time (Charlie Hebdo, I think), she didn't like where he was going about saying the event was staged with crisis actors, despite him bringing up actual evidence about problems with the video of the alleged killing of the police officer, and she started misdirecting into various talk against Muslims and Islams (which weren't actually relevant in that point of the discussion), and to his credit, he brought her back on track in a manly way.

Former CIA, indeed. Though, may have just been a case of her promoting her own ethnic Jewish interests in not letting Muslims totally off the hook in that case, though Dammegard wasn't doing that.