August 03, 2016

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2016.08.03

Charles finishes up his discussion on Lenin, talks about his position of Hitler being stage-managed, fields a contentious call by Kyle, and then moves on to discuss controlled opposition movements.

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Nick said...

Charlie is right, Hitler lovers are just like bible believers they cant just let that shit go. Kyle just had to bitch and wine about Mr. Adolph the same way a bible dupe defends his buybull.

Unknown said...

If you read Insanity Fair, by Douglas Reed, you will find out that Kyle'a movie Hell Storm is loaded with myths, lies, disinformation, and propaganda!

I have sent some articles to the tribune exposing the truth of WW2 as thankfully given to us by the esteemed and wonderful Douglas Reed and Kyle will post none of it!

He is no better than the Jews, in that he will not allow any of the knowledge or truth, that was given to us by Douglas Reed ( someone who was actually there!!!) from getting out! Rather chooses to only peddle his communist propaganda.

Please read Douglas Reed and let's dispense with the damn communist lies of ww2 once and for all.

Hitler was a communist. He was working hand in hand with Lenin. It is as plain as day after reading Douglas Reed. If you care to know the truth; Douglass Reed has given it to us - quite clearly and irrefutably!

Of course,tragically, HE IS NEVER mentioned by the indoctrinated, and controlled opposition: the "truth movement.

Unknown said...

sorry, I meant to say Stalin when I said Lenin

steve said...

Share your articles and position here. I would like to see how Hitler, the ultimate nationalist, was covertly working with international communists like Lenin.

Hitler and the NSDAP lost the war and permanently wounded the German race and spirit but I have never read anything that convinced me of deliberate sabotage.

On a curious note, is your position viewed through a Christian perspective?

Thank you for your response.

Unknown said...

While I cannot say, in all honesty, that I am a Christian; I have come to Christianity with a much fuller understanding of it's fundamental role and importance in the creation of Western Civilization, (which is so near and dear to my heart), since immersing myself in Douglas Reed's ( a news corespondent during the war) many books.

I have never read Douglas Reed actually state he is a Christian, but it is obvious from his writing that he has a clear, unemotional, (unlike Charlse lol), in depth understanding of Christianities significant role in the creation of White Western Civilization.

It is so interesting, and seemingly so astute, that you asked this question regarding Christian perspective!

Steve, I appreciate your comment. I cannot tress enough the importance that Douglas Reed is read by the aware/Jew-wise, alt-White community. If you are searching for any kind of pertinent truth, he is our most incredible gift.

It is so clear, to any honest intellectual, that he gives us a pure, unadulterated - no agenda but a recognition of the urgent and desperate need for the truth to get out - no holes barred look at Hitler; Hitlerism; Communism; Judaism; and the long covered up truth about Europe and Germany, before and after the ww2 era. (And he was actually there!!!)

Not to mention his fascinating work on what really went down in the history of South Africa: "The Siege Of Southern Africa". (This is where he lived for many years and during the birth of South Africa.)

Yes, his work is incredible to take in, as it's truth is so clearly recognizable it hit hard! Quite honestly that he is stating the truth becomes as plain as the nose on a Jews face; when he lays it, succinctly out for us: that Hitler was indeed the controlled opposition; and indeed part of the Communist, Zionist conspiracy. That he did indeed, deliberately caused the death of waves of incredible and young, not only German, but also European soldiers: Europe's 'treasure'.

He brought communism from the Soviet Union and planted it into the Heart Of Europe, where it has remained ever since: inflicting our demise!