September 07, 2016

Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Podcast # 39 - 2016.09.07

A Higher Understanding of 9-11

Welcome to Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Wednesday podcast. Today we dig deeper into the events of 9-11 and analyze how the long game strategies of the World Zionism will lead us to ruin.

In the First Hour Host Frederick C. Blackburn will cover the recent chaotic events brought on by the teachings of the Frankfurt School Marxists. Frederick concludes the 9 part series "A Higher Understanding of History" that counters the pointless Cultural Marxist ideology. Featured are authors Dr. Carl G. Jung, Dr. Marie Louise von Franz and Mr. Joseph Campbell.

The Second Hour of Blackbird9's Breakfast Club host Frederick C. Blackburn discusses how the events of 9-11 were key to achieving the long range objectives of the Cultural Marxist school, the Greater Israel Agenda, and International Jewry's Talmudic Noahide Global ambitions.

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Unknown said...

"A higher understanding" WOW - really, this is what you think you have and are giving us here?!?!

How can you purport to have even the slightest understanding of 911 when you apparently don't even realize yet that the footage we have of 911 is just a prerecorded film.

The 911 film was made in a studio. It is all c.g.i. technology for crying out loud!

At this point, that you are still foolishly thinking it is real footage is incredible to say the least!. To believe this nonsense is real is simply naive, gullible and way behind the curve .

That a person, who claims to be an engineer, is also claiming an aluminum plane can penetrate a steel reinforced concrete building is nothing short of suspicious in my mind.

Unknown said...

P.S. If folks don't get it yet; that Israel is behind everything significant that the United States does - including 911 - (one wonders, is this the "higher truth" you speak of ..something that is relatively commonly available knowledge) I think they probably never will.

Erik Paul said...

Damn, BB, what the heck did you ever do to Emily/eternitym? You seem like such a nice polite Southern gentleman.

zapoper said...

BB didn't even come close to explaining how they did 9/11 let alone Aluminum Blah blah blah.

Emily Peterson did not listen to this show therefore is trolling big time.

zapoper said...

He only mentioned the arts students being involved in wiring the building for controlled demolition. That's it. One minute out of a two hour show. LOL

Erik Paul said...

Yeah, she's either a troll or just some delusional harpie. She's the one Fetch uses in his show intro that does the salivating rant about his steel gonads (keep clear of electromagnets, Fetch!)

In any case, she certainly seems to have a woody for ole Blackie.

BTW BB, another excellent presentation.

Unknown said...

Zap you did not get my argument at all, clearly.

Where did I say that he had mentioned " how they did 9/11 " in this pod cast, !?!? The truth is;

I did not!

I was talking about views he has stated, quite publicly - in respect to being "one of the members of Engineers For 911 truth, his words not mine! Look them up on the net please.!

My point is, Zap, that he IS claiming, right off in his description, that he is presenting here with this podcast a "higher understanding",

That is the part I am disputing Zap!

Again my point is: that he is not qualified to claim to have a "higher understanding" of 911, when he is still stuck in what should be an obsolete understanding now:

- that the footage we have of 911, of plains being sucked into the Two Towers, is real !?

and not just a prerecorded film as it obviously is..

WOW, and it's made in a studio using c,g,i, what a stretch hey?!

Come on, thinking the 911 films are filmed in real time, is just plain insanity! Especially in light of all we have learned about media hoaxes in the last 3-4 years.

If this comment section was read by a smart, honest person, I believe they would that it is Zap and Erik who are the ones showing themselves to be the delusional here, in respect to their fallacious attacks because their argument is a logical fallacy, and nothing more, that they try to abuse me with.

My point, made here, WAS both founded and it was valid, actually necessary, in my opinion. How about you put your sights on what you are saying here. that is in contrast unfounded, baseless, attacks and ad-hominims.

Like I say, he has stated his belief's ALREADY, Zap and co, as a member of "Engineers For 911 Truth.

Maybe you do need to grow some balls and ask him about these views he's stated. And yes I'm sure he didn't want to talk too much about them, his stated opinions, as at all! and does not intend to, if he can, with your help, avoid it!

Of course Zap, I knew he would not risk mentioning his views in that podcast. I knew quite well zap they would not be stated, but kept quiet about.

I asked him to explain this apparent cognitive dissonance,

- i.e; regarding aluminum plains being sucked into steel reinforce concrete towers, "blah, blah,blah" -

..a year ago in Mami's chat room. I certainly do not see him mentioning those views again, any time soon, if he can possibly avoid it.

. It was quite "sticky" and uncomfortable for him, despite his unconditional support he can count on here, (and does) along with the slander that is wantonly and readily dished out shamelessly to me.

So he is, for sure, more care full now. He does not want to be put on the spot again; albeit, that he knows I'm sure, that YOU will never ever allow that , for some unfathomable reason, I can't understand;

He knows now I can debate him and win, imo, and that makes him care full. If what I'm saying is untrue here, about him avoiding this issue, then let him show his ''southern gentlemanly ways", and sincerely debate, or comment on this important issue: with out all the abuse please, if possible.

I mean, are we about truth here; or just thuggish, abusiveness, cronyism, and censorship.

All this begs the question: is it a problem with mamis, my having a sound argument with zero logical fallacies, in mami's comment section?

I am totally open to discussion, my fear is, if I simply show myself to have the sound argument, I will just be banned for the offense.

zapoper said...

Please! Let's argue another 15 years about how they brought down the towers, I'm sure that's not what they want. LOL

It's all blah blah blah to me.

Unknown said...

Zap, I am sure they DO love all the lack of "higher understanding" that thinking the m.s.m news reals of the supposed events that took place on 911 are real live footage; creates!

And that they absolutely do love the confusion that T.E.F.911.T. stance on the event as real; has caused. It stops people from getting a handle on what's really going on. And they love that.

Erik Paul said...

Zap, I'm beginning to think that Emily/eternitym is really Negentropic in drag.(lol)

Whew! That was some screed E/e. I had to pause in reading it to wrap my head with duct tape to keep it from exploding.

I happen to think that Mr. Blackburn is perhaps the most erudite, scholarly and downright classy voice to be heard on these fora.

He has an impressive grasp of the "big picture," an overview from the historic beginnings to its culmination in 9/11 and the events of the present-day--the "higher understanding of 9/11."

E/e, you clearly failed to understand what he was saying. You have repeatedly attacked the man and, seeing that you clearly have "issues," he did what a classy Southern gentleman would do and simply dismissed you. He won't lower himself and involve himself in this exchange (I think Bobby Lee would be proud).

How the WTC complex was destroyed, whether by airplanes, missiles, space rays, nukes, or steroidal Jewish lightning, is not the primary question, rather who did it and why. This is what BB is showing us in such an excellent manner and I much appreciate him.

As for me, I don't mind getting down here in the mud so I hereby ask you to keep your word and go away. Don't go away mad, just go away. Thank you.

zapoper said...

I agree that BB9 has a good grasp on what's going on and the title of this podcast: "higher understanding of 9/11." is a subtle one.

Read the comments here:

Same BS.

They all migrated to WHOOLI's (Thank "god") and in the comments over there, you will find similar trolling short of being copy and paste jobs.

They seem to think that we're complete morons. This shit doesn't fly here.

Enough said.

Unknown said...

Erik logical nonsense:
"How the WTC complex was destroyed, whether by airplanes, missiles, space rays, nukes, or steroidal Jewish lightning, is not the primary question."

omg I did NOT mention WHAT brought the Towers down!!! Did I Erik ?!?!
learn to read please.

Listen, I don't think your duck tape trick is going to be of any help with you obvious brain problem even though your mention of that was, by far, your wisest interjection, lol.

I can quite easily imagine you would be desperate to attempt something though !! As your brain is clearly, as you have shown here, not serving you well. Your thinking is consistently illogical.

All it has come up with so far is worthless opinions to abuse me. This merely serves to make a fool out of you, to any intellectual worth their salt, if only you had the brains to recognize this.

Or else say something logical, void of fallacy, if you can. I challenge you.

Erik Paul said...

My bad. I actually do know better...don't feed the trolls!!

*The End*