September 12, 2016

The Graham Hart Show 2016.09.12

Guest: Brian aka Brizer

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Steve said...

Five minutes in and i knew this would be Graham's last show on Renegade. Good luck Graham you were just in the wrong place. Personally i'm finished with visiting all these different sites and radio shows and commenting but if you read this Graham i would love to recommend a relatively small book, but a very insightful book, to you - i know you sort of agree with Charles G when it comes to the Bible but i can only say that there is a very different meaning to be found in ancient scriptures and i mean totally different from the Christian/Church teaching which is childish nonsense. I can guarantee this book will be of interest and give anyone an understanding that you never realised existed in the ancient world, in particular Egypt. The author shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible, the characters and the events existed for thousands of years before the Christian Jesus, he explains the meanings with clarity.

The book is:

Alvin Boyd Kuhn's Collection by Dr Alvin Boyd Kuhn available on Amazon.

All the best.

Asskickfilms said...

I've only now seen this Steve. Thank you. Going back on air here at Mami's in June :-)

Asskickfilms said...

Ah..I mean October. lol