September 15, 2016

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2016.09.15

Charles finishes talking about the killing of MLK and then gets into a heated discussion about how Sandy Hook is BS.

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Samuel Sang said...

Giuliani's latest show bangs on Delphi Deanna.

I commented @ ren, though they prolly won't publish;

CG's epic Sandy hoax rant clip in the right pane at Mami's Shit, lol. :D

Charlie I recall either you or spingola had the other one as guest on your show in the year following spingola's Jan '14 intro to being a re-bunker shill for the SH "event"; and I was eagerly awaiting you two mixing it up over SH. But it was as if you two had pre agreed not to go there. Ditto re a show Kaminski did with her, and Ditto re a show she did with Nick Spero.

Her junk deconstructed:

Samuel Sang said...

Re my comment above, kyle/sinead/shawn/whoever @ renegade did reject it, presumably stemming from

Here's hoping Charlie finds it here.