November 28, 2016

A History of Fake (MSM) News


blake121666 said...

Limited hangout.

John Birch Society, lol.

There are plenty of funny things in this video; but you gotta love the part at the very end at around 56:30

56:27 case in point author William F Jasper examines Osama bin lot three years
56:33 before the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center
56:38 Jasper's report exposes the cover-up that prevents America from winning the
56:42 war on terrorism

Isn't that a hoot! Yeah Jasper, your such a patriot with that "war on terrorism" revelation. Go get those terrorists, Jasper, woohoo!

Scorpio said...

There's some good info in that vid, but I'm well aware of the JBS society and their shortcomings. Why don't you post a vid. that has the absolute truth about everything? - lol.

I post things that I either find funny, entertaining or informative. My posting something does not constitute an absolute endorsement of the material. I (mistakenly) assume that most people have some ability to filter out the BS on their own.

blake121666 said...

I'm aware of that about you - not so much about the possible audience viewing this. Some people would take such a video at face value. Looking for the humor in it would be a more pragmatic mindset with this video.

Scorpio said...

The whole point of posting the video was its illustration of media lies going back 100 years. The footage from the 80's and 90's was great. The rest of it I could care less about. The new fake news meme made it seem relevant to me....and yeah, I agree with you about the phony war on turror. It's a joke and both sides are being funded by a central source. Cheers.

blake121666 said...

BTW, another contemporary example would be what the blog The Ugly Truth (Mark Glenn) is thinking and saying about Trump as some sort of anti-Israeli.

About a week or 2 ago I posted a reply to one of their articles they wrote, loved, and agreed with on this matter - telling them they are delusional. They replied that I was delusional. After my reply to that telling them to be more pragmatic about the matter and going into some more detail, he (Trevor LaBont - sp?) deleted the postings.

I hope they see the light on this and stop imputing their desires, which sure as hell can't be seen as Trump's desires in any way whatsoever, are irrational - and in fact delusional imho.