November 29, 2016

Unseasonably Warm Weather and Holiday Sales

This time of year, we often read stories with headlines like: " Unseasonably Warm Weather Leaves Stores in the Cold " and they go on about global warming and ski resorts etc. But how the hell does a warm holiday season really affect sales?

- Are millions of Americans telling there kids: "You ain't getting jack shit for Christmas this year cause it's too warm for Santa"?

- Are some Americans scared to drive to the mall because of the warm weather road conditions?  "Call Jim Bob and the rest of the family and tell them not to risk it"!

- Is the warm weather affecting cargo ships, planes, trains and trucks? "Chinese cargo boat captains and others around the world are refusing to leave port due to warm weather."

In any case, warm or cold weather is going to impact some businesses favorably while others will struggle but the state of the economy sure as hell ain't being dictated by weather patterns.

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