December 01, 2016

Kevin Barrett goes full retard

Shaykh Imran Hosein, contributor to ANOTHER French False Flag, is one of the most important Islamic scholars – perhaps THE most important – of our time. In this interview we discuss the (rigged?) election of Donald Trump, which showed that many voters are no longer influenced by mainstream media...a good sign, according to Shaykh Imran, who is cautiously optimistic that World War III, the nuclear armageddon or "malhama" prophesied in scripture, may not arrive as quickly as he had earlier believed. That means believers may have more time to prepare themselves by founding or joining Muslim villages: rural retreats lacking the ills of so-called "modern civilization" and devoted to a Godly way of life. (In this interview Imran Hosein urges that these villages should be multi-confessional, with Jews and Christians as well as Muslims living together and pursuing spiritual development according to their own traditions.)

We discuss the problems afflicting Islam and Muslims in these "akhir uz-zaman" end times; the pseudo-Islam or "protestant Islam" offered by salafists including such extremists as ISIS; the role of Russia in preserving real Christianity (which has almost disappeared in  the West); and the role of dreams and visions in Islam.

Imran Hosein is the author of many books including Methodology for the Study of the Qur’ān.

There is no way I'm going to listen to this shit, and no Kevin, I ain't Islamophobe. I'm just allergic to religious types. Atchoo!


Unknown said...

Oh vey !!! What the hell is he thinking!! It doesn't matter who is selected to the White House. It is so simple he makes it complicated!!!

1776blues said...

Ever since Kevin spewed his anti-white hate speech on Dennis Fetcho's show, I've refuse to listen to his liberal bs. He basically called for the Islamization of the South and rid it of all the racist whites. As far as I'm concerned he could disappear tomorrow and the world would be a better place.