March 18, 2017

Circus Maximus with Nick Spero 2017.03.17

Nick is an independent researcher from the Chicagoland area. He started podcasting in 2008; tackling issues related to history revisionism, maritime/admiralty law, the Vatican, Israeli crimes, secret societies, esoteric knowledge & symbols, controlled opposition, health/nutrition. Over the years, Nick has expanded his understanding & knowledge of Kosher Nostra’s web of control and deceit. Nick connects the dots that many other radio hosts don’t.

International Intelligence Operations

Nick speaks with Brendon O’Connell about his experience being imprisoned in Australia for exposing jewish subversion and then his time seeking asylum in Iran, why he left the country and is suspicious of them, how Israel is spying on everyone with their high tech companies, how psychological operations are being employed to further their ends, the role of Trump in America, the various controlled opposition operations, and much more.

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Abovethefold said...

Enjoyed the show Nick! Thank you