April 29, 2017

Ex Machina à la Fetcho

I've noticed that a few people wanted to donate a few dollars to me at some point and I always said no to them.

Now that I am broke for at least a few weeks, considering money that I owe. I thought that I would try and give you a way to donate for a couple of days.

I will only keep this post alive for a short two days or maybe less because I don't need a "huge amount" lol.

Thanks in advance for considering it.


Update for Fetcho


Anonymous said...

A few pounds sent over tae ye. This would account for the price of the beers I would buy you if I met you in a bar. For all the information and entertainment you've given me over the last few years pal.
Ross from Glasgow, Scotland.

zapoper said...

Thank you very much. I just noticed it in my account. I wouldn't mind having a few beers with you in Scotland that's for sure. lol

Anonymous said...

Aye and you'll be on the beers next time, LOL

Cheers pal.