April 26, 2017

So I am Sort of Broke

I've noticed that a few people wanted to donate a few dollars to me at some point and I always said no to them.

Now that I am broke for at least a few weeks, considering money that I owe. I thought that I would try and give you a way to donate for a couple of days.

I will only keep this post alive for a short two days or maybe less because I don't need a "huge amount" lol.

Thanks in advance for considering it.


wanda said...

Man... i hope someone helps you out. I would chip in a few if i weren't so p*ss poor myself.

zapoper said...

Thanks for the thought Wanda but I'm not asking help from people who can't do it.

A big thank you to the ones who have donated so far. I am close to my goal in terms of the amount I need so I will shut down the donate link soon.

wanda said...

Oh man... that's great news Zap. Kind of restores my faith in humanity... kind of.