Friday, July 7, 2017

Lets Talk Live - With Martin Farrell 2017.07.06

Martin speaks with guest Graham Hart about the recent Grenfell Tower fire tragedy of June 14th. Also discussed are Palestine, the Middle East, and of course…the Jews.  How could you have a conversation without them?

P.S. Two problems about this audio: Martin was very low which I was able to somewhat ameliorate. The other was some echoing from Martin which I couldn't fix but graham and I were able to determine the cause of it after the show which means that he's ready to do live broadcasting on Mami's Radio or whatever we are going to call it. Stay tuned for that. I will advertize it at the top of the front page before it happens.

BTW: The Martin echoing is bad for the first 40 minutes and then it gets better after that. In any case, Graham talks much more than Martin. It surprised me that I was not able to turn shit into gold LOL.


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Voltman said...

It's a lot easier to turn shit into gold.

If you want to get real good at it, join the military, or any branch of "government" and you'll get paid lots of debt money to turn all the gold you can find into steaming piles of horseshit, bullshit and all imaginable mutations of government verbal diarrhea. This shitty system runs on bullshit.

Have we reached peak bullshit yet?

Steve said...

I hear an audio of David Duke.

Sad to say I don't think we have reached peak bullshit yet.

Voltman said...

Speaking of bullshit, here is NBC (National Bullshit Corporation) swimming in a pool of excrement:

Congressman Apologizes for Making Video in Auschwitz Gas Chamber

The above link was provided by an excellent "exposer" of zionist evil who can be found here:

Gimmie that Old time Holocaust that Makes the Cash Register Ring

Voltman said...

The first line of the first comment should have been:

It's a lot easier to turn gold into shit.

Being the smart guys most of you are, you probably figured that out already.

Revelation of the Method and the Murder of Spirit
A Page from the Cryptocracy's Psychological Warfare Manual
by Michael A. Hoffman II

zapoper said...

You guys are funny lol. Sorry about the Duke links. I fixed it

Voltman said...

Red Alert!

To Mr. Exposer of Zionist Evil,

Looks like you got your work cut out for you over at this


There’s a Blockchain Bonanza at the End of the Rainbow:


Did you see all these "fucking lunatics" falling for this EVEN BIGGER "fucking lunatic": Les Visible!

No wonder the movement is spinning its wheels in the swamp

of infesting parasites and going nowhere! Look at all

these uninformed and gullible supporters of Les Visible.


The world must find out the truth about this lunatic!

We ALL KNOW that we all should wait until David John Oates

and the CIA give "us" the OK to go ahead and support this

lunatic, who barely escaped an insane assylum run by

absolutely sane psychiatrists and certified doctors who

could not, would not (!) ever be in any way imaginable,

overpaid and under qualified evil zionists!

I stand behind all I have said 100%.

So don't say I didn't try to warn you!
You... you stupid people you!


What was it you wanted?
Tell me again so I know
Are you the same person
Who was here before?

Is the scenery changing?
Are they playing our song?
What was it you wanted?
When you were kissing my lass


As Douglas Christie said in his closing arguments during

the now famous "Zundel trial" on Toronto;

"Let freedom solve the problem of any hatred or

intolerance, else by suppression the human spirit, which

seeks truth and seeks the ultimate truth of God, will

become crippled by its fears to speak it's deepest

feelings. Only by our meeting face to face, by our being

as we really are with all our personal prejudices and

suspicions, can we accept our faults, and by airing our

views without fear, learn to love each other with a true

and deeper love than if we never disagreed in the first


-Douglas Christie, February 25, 1985

There’s a Blockchain Bonanza at the End of the Rainbow



zapoper said...

This makes me think that I need to sing: "Somewhere over the rainbow" once again. LOL

Truth is truth and does not need protections from ridiculous laws. It stands by itself like a kind giant which easily destroys the lies that are thrown at it.

Erik Paul said...

@Voltman FYI,the "exposer of Zionist evil" is no longer supporting "the site" (Mami's) or "Mr. Whooli's."

Apparently Linthy thinks "you people" are jutht too fruthtthwating. I think he went danthing.

Erik Paul said...

UPDATE from "Mr. Whooli"

WHOOLI: Lindsey gets mad every now
and then and makes a fuss. He will be back. He knows we like his emotionally charged grandstanding ass. He adds an entertainment factor to all this jew shit.

zapoper said...

I would never qualify what Lindsey does as entertainment. LOL

Unknown said...

i would qualify it as moldy shit

1melahat said...

Negentropic, I mean Lindsey won't be able to stay away too long. He's recently been busy arguing with and bad-mouthing other commenters at Red Ice and Hoaxbusterscall forums.

Unknown said...

You are a God damned LIAR. I have never been to those fora.


Unknown said...

NB: Who-the-fuck is "Negentropic"?


zapoper said...

My memory may be playing tricks on me but I think Negentropic was torrenting at and I doubt very much that Lindsey is the same guy.

I think that Delcroix could answer this one. Or any other concen user could confirm what I suspect to be true too.

1melahat said...

OK, but Lindsey and Negentropic have many similarities a few of which are: use of all-caps; same sentence structures and vocabulary with liberal use of paragraphs; same temperament and explosive anger with cussing; same pompous, self righteous one-upsman personality. Never-ending stream of comments everyday. Maybe it's just a kowinkidink. LOL

Lindsey, what is your opinion of Simon Shack of September Clues fame?
Do you believe all the TV footage of 9/11 planes was fake?

Erik Paul said...

Negentropic was a long-time regular commenter here at Mamis whose posts flowed like diarrhea as 1melahat described.

I think he was also a moderator at Del's blog and he would produce hours-long podcasts of his own that were posted here. The similarity with Linthy was style more than content.

zapoper said...

And we would have recognized the voice if both were the same man.

Unknown said...

Look, I am just in a very, very rotten mood, for the same reason that A LOT of you are pissed-off and fed-up--this malevolence NEVER seems to improve, and the masses NEVER seem to understand our collective-situation. We are all here, spinning-our-wheels, while the literal insanity is never-endingly perpetuated, in its myriad-of-forms, with nothing to do but watch it all happen.


"simon shack" is FULL-OF-SHIT, and I absolutely believe that he is/was as ridiculous and phony as phil jayhan, a "Jesuits DID IT!!!" bullshit-artist, who has disappeared-into-obscurity, because it was all BULLSHIT. There WERE planes that hit the towers, a jet flew-over The Pentagon, and WHATEVER-THE-FUCK hit The Pentagon, is what hit it, but it was NOT that jet-liner, israHell and fucking PNAC pro-zionist TRAITORS within and without our nation conducted the operation, and the end-result of the malefactors' treachery is that our nations of "The West" are being over-run with third-world savages, the polarzation around the world has NEVER been more absolute, in NUMEROUS ways, our economies around the world are completely fucked, and we have had endless wars, all for the benefit of our zionist demonic over-lords.

I do not believe that ANY of the footage was fake(d), but the media fucked-up, MAJORLY, with that BBC slip-up regarding the collapse of Building 7; wherein, they said that The Solomon Building--Building 7--had fully-collapsed, 20 MINUTES BEFORE ITS ACTUAL DEMOLITION.

Anything else that you would like to know, about where-I-stand?


1melahat said...

Alright Lindsey. You're legit. Thanks man:-)

BTW, I do believe the footage of the planes hitting the towers was fake and WTC 1 and 2 were mostly hollow but I also believe Shack and Jayhan are shills too.

Unknown said...

You and I will just have to dis-agree, because I am never going to change-my-mind on the "TV-fakery" stuff; HOWEVER, I do agree that there was a lot of available space in The Twin Towers, particularly the israHelli operations, like "zim shipping", which broke-its-lease, and how to pay something like $50,000, just before 9/11.

Anyway, I have been in this fight long-enough to have very, very strong opinions, whether they are on material, or on what I think of people. I do not make my judgments, lightly, but after very careful consideration of everything that I have found, and what I know.

I may be very direct, sometimes rude, but I will never knowingly outrightly lie to any of you, ever, and that should account-for-something.


Og said...

LL heart is in the right place
Some of you guys just don't understand yet

And of course, LL knows lots of folks in the movement
even Sandy hook nutters like SPINgola & Cynthia & lots more