August 26, 2017

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2017.08.25

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

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KnownUnknown said...

Still pimping that reverse speech? Last year it was all - Trump's a genius, he's so smart and honourable and reverse speech proves it.
This year it's all - Trump's an idiot, incompetent, a buffoon and reverse speech proves he was compromised.

Fetzer bought into this crap too.

Unknown said...

Look, Guys, something TERRIBLE and TERRIFYING has happened with President Trump--this is NOT, NOT, NOT!!!, the same man we all supported, not that long, ago.

I do not know "exactly" what happened, but the speech-reversals PROVE that something terrible has been done--this is genuinely frightening.


zapoper said...

Yeah, this is so TERRIBLE and TERRIFYING that I'm pushing a load as I write this.

I'm going to change my underwear now. Later Lindsey.

KnownUnknown said...

Remember the reversals of Hillary? I mean if it was Hillary and not one of the clones Fetzer grew in a petri dish 😂

Jon Smith said...

I appreciate that Jeff puts these three people in the same block. It's my day off from Rense Radio.

Voltman said...

hceepS esreveR (Reverse Speech)

It's like seeing faces in rock cliffs. It's in the eye of the beholder. It's in the ear of the beholder. It's all in your mind.

Replace Oates with someone else and the results, I assume, will differ. Most of the time, it isn't even a good match sonically, especially if nobody draws your attention to it.

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that Reverse Speech is a valid method, it would imply that Trump is just a way better actor than the previous actors and clowns who have held this fake position of PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

This job has nothing to do with the mythological, folkloric, delusional understanding of "America" that most people have. That's just sales and marketing, public relations, indoctrination, propaganda, in other words it's all bullshit.(except when it's horseshit or donkey shit(democraps) or elephant shit (repuglycans).

What you have is USA Inc. (or USI as Jim Kirwan would write), a crown corporation dominated by the Citi of London-Wall Street Gang Bankster Crime Sin-dicate.

There are plenty of sub-groups.

JF Kennedy was the closest thing to a competent president that I've ever heard of. They murdered him in broad daylight and covered up the crime like they always do
whenever it suits them. They bulshitted their way out with unbelievable Chutzpah and terrorized the ones who saw through their donkey shit.

Since then, we have been buried under an avalanche of white-washed, crystalized bullshit, a super volcanoe spewing rivers of hot, molten horseshit, rained upon by
gigantic geysers spewing radioactive fuku-particles of donkey shit, elephant shit, RINO droppings, chicken shit, nonsense, disinformation, misinformation and fabrications.

And that's on a good day!

Trump is a proxymoron who just enacted the script in order to fool the people. They always throw you a few bones and scraps once in a while to give you hope. Hope is cheap.

What's important is the group of people who stood up for the promises of Trump even though he was just pretending to be sincere. They need to support the true luminaries dispersed throughout the People's Republic of The Internet and dump the fake political shitstems. If the Meanstream Ass Media makes a big deal out of something, that something is a huge smelly pile of hot steaming horseshit. It might not be full-fledged, ripe and mature bullshit, but inevitably, like anti-alchemists, those shameless liars in the media will turn it into whitewashed, crystallized, you guessed it, bull-fucking-shit.

This is what I think of presidents and prime ministers:

Their number one function is to fool the public.

They continue to this day, propping up bigger lies with even bigger lie amplification systems.

Then an innocent whistleblowing, truth-telling, straight-shooting individual comes around with a very pointy needle and bursts their bubble just like that. So they jump up and down and call him a terrorist and an antisemi-automa-tic conspiracy theorist and let's throw in "holocaust denier" for safe measure. They censor his
websites, demonetize his youtube, try and take away the little bit of money he might be making, whatever...

What we need is a wireless underground internet that is hardened against fake government intrusion and disruption.

In order to pursue their old world disorder agenda, THEY are forced to be seen as utter morons by an exponentially increasing number of people.

Let's see how shameless and psychopathic they really are.

Let's see how low they are prepared to sink before admitting they are in way over their useless heads.


Erik Paul said...

I saw Jesus on my grilled cheese sandwich. It was really him.

Unknown said...

Those were some of the clearest reverse-speech examples that Ddddavid Jjjohn Ooates ever had on-the-air, and that means that you people DID NOT listen to the program.

Please...just listen to it, and THEN come back and say something.



Erik Paul said...

"The monkey's dead, the show's over."


Unknown said...

You people DO know that you are doing the EXACT same thing that most of common-humanity does, when we PRESENT THE TRUTH, AND FACTS, WITH EVIDENCE, to them, right?

You are literally ignoring prima-facie evidence of a VERY REAL phenomenon, simply because it is "too hard for you to believe", because you can not fathom how this could be possible.

Most days I really want to just give-up on all of you, and allow you, all, to remain in your willful-ignorance, but I care too much about THE TRUTHS AS THEY ARE, and EDUCATING PEOPLE, to allow myself to fully-give-up.


KnownUnknown said...

Yeah OK sure, somebody reading from teleprompter words written by someone else and delivered in cadences practiced over weeks by psychological experts, is when reversed revealing the true subconscious nature? And it just happens to be whatever Jeff is feeling like that week?

I like liquor too but Geez mate, maybe give it a break...

KnownUnknown said...

"in love with his son" says Ann Coulter. Thanks for wasting my time Lins...

Steve said...

Lindsey I don't need to listen to Trump speak in reverse to know that he is an utter twat, I worked that out hearing him speak normally. Stop thinking you are going to save the fucking world, you aren't. No one has all the truth and there are things we all believe to be true that aren't we just haven't realised what as yet. All this crap is 'fiction' like everything else in the system of this world including the BS so called truth movement. Looking at the fiction aint gonna solve fuck all.

Now, there are some 7 billion people on this planet so why come here spouting off like a right c***, fuck off and speak to the multitudes if we get up your ass that much. Go join all the other messiah's that are out there.

Jon Smith said...

I've listened half way through Oates' segment and it's the same SHIT as always. Oates plays an incongruent reversal and then goes "Wow", as if it was clear as day. Is this also a reliable method to find out if your spouse is cheating on you?