August 18, 2017

John Friend On Truth Cat Radio 2017.08.12 (LOL)

On Truth Cat Radio

I was recently a guest on Truth Cat Radio, a radio network that I had never heard of prior to being invited on. A man named Richard Kary, who hosts a program called Beyond The Matrix, emailed me and invited me on after discovering my website. I agreed to participate not really knowing too much about Richard or the radio network he broadcasts on, and it turned out to be a rather interesting discussion. Frankly, I do not think these guys knew what they were in for! I’m an open “anti-Semite,” “racist,” “conspiracy theorist,” and “White supremacist” to boot! Check out the discussion and please do let me know what you think in the comments below. :)

The Realist



Urahara said...

That Picture...

Urahara said...

Asskickfilms said...

Great show. Well hung in there John.

Bye bye "Truth" cat radio. Pussies that you are. Lol.

Unknown said...

That was a truly awesome interview/conversation, Mr. Friend. It is fairly-obvious that "Stephen" has some serious issues, and it was painfully-obvious that he KNEW that he you were saying was the truth, but for some reason, was terrified of you saying it.
A person who can refute what you say would not react that way, and would certainly not threaten one of the other hosts, WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT DID, at the very end of the show, by saying that he was "going to have a conversation with Richard about this".

Mr. Friend, I am very proud of what you have done, over the years, and I really do hope to hear more from, and of, you, on other programs, like this one.


Anonymous said...

This interview was all fun and jolly until the 51:30 mark when we learn that both the host and this "Friend" character have been "friends" with Filipino girls and now have mud colored offspring to prove it! Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I thought we were working for a jew free WHITE world and not some nightmare filled with mudlets and their gobshite fathers. So for that reason I won't be listening that network again and Steven need not worry.

Erik Paul said...


"You're not coming back John, you're history." Priceless!