September 27, 2017

Yeah, I love "Rick and Morty" too. However ...

Thanks to Wanda for this heads-up.


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coincidenceskeptic said...

"Ancient Aliens" is a History aka Hitler Channel production. Since they could not come up with any real facts about Hitler - a man who died less than 80 years ago...maybe - why would anyone believe anything they say regarding events that did or did not happen possibly hundreds or thousands of years in the past.
Rick and Morty, along with South Park are really the only things on TV that have any
relevance. Imagine, cartoons mirroring reality in a more useful manner that anything viewed on a channel whose name implies that it is "educational"
Do teachers actually play programmes from the History Channel in the classroom?
NASA and JPL produce absolute nonsense for educational purposes and it is implied that they create it for classroom use. Yikes.