October 02, 2017

Healing with Dr Daniels - Who Should Touch Those Breasts?

Join Dr Jennifer Daniels for Breast Cancer Screening Tips. Dr Daniels tells all.


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Unknown said...

"Keep your hands off of my titties."


NB: Robots DO NOT have titties, either.

KnownUnknown said...

I know this comment doesn't belong here but Rense link isn't up yet.

So Alex Jones thinks LV was done by deep state democrats and Jeff thinks it was done Muslims.

Here's a simpler answer - Trump is a fraud you morons

Unknown said...

*laughs* That has/had NOTHING to do with the show, AT ALL, *laughs*! You REALLY are going to love listening to Dr. Fetzer and Mr. Rense from tonight!


Zeebra said...

rense was off the rails with his (((scary moozlems booga booga))) propagandizing! Ridiculous & sad what a kosher mouthpiece he's become, since his 2 engineered SUV crashes in 2015.

PS I love boobies.