October 18, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting Retro

This is my favorite video and knew 100% that this false flag was well under way.

This joker said he saw 20 dead.

I haven't seen a single bit of blood yet besides folks that fell over themselves. Show me one video out of all the videos where you see the bullets landing?
Hooking into the sound system still makes the most sense to me for the moment



Negentropic said...

Images and video are not hard evidence and never will be because they're very easy to fake.

They have always been easy to fake, even before the digital age as we can see with so many faked Moon Landing and Holohoax and Nuclear Bomb images.

Any "blood" or "dead bodies" you do see will still always be on video or image, mediated by others who can alter it to their benefit, and even pre-manufacture it from the beginning to their benefit and therefore, ARE NOT EVIDENCE, unless that video or image is professionally authenticated by someone who is familiar with all the tricks of the photoshop, layering and greenscreen game, in other words, with tools other than the naked eyes.

Only after a video is authenticated can it provide, not "proof," never mind conclusive proof, but just CLUES to one or more possible narratives of how certain events were set in motion for achieving particular ends:

1) Real terrorist events to achieve some goal using the most difficult means -- mass-murder -- lots of dead bodies in addition to lots of lying and deception to cover it up

2) False-flagged real terrorist events done to frame another group for retaliation, again, using the messiest, least pragmatic and most difficult means, mass-murder and the production of piles of dead bodies and sometimes hundreds, even thousands of grieving relatives and friends that would need to be pacified and given reparations to in addition to even more deception needed now to cover the "false-flag" aspect of real murders

3) A "crisis-actor" drill involving no real murders done with a troop of about 25 to 50 to a few hundred actors or so at a real event, such as a concert or protest, without the real people attending needing to be aware of it, immediately and often sloppily shot on film as a "terror event with real evil, mayhem and murder" and psychically driven on all channels of media from more-or-less the name news-feeds and from so-called "amateur" cell-phone recordings, all of which SPIN a particular narrative preferred by the powers-that-be. If a "real person" attending the event does or says something that feeds the narrative, then they might use that favorable useful-idiot accident, which also serves to sow the seeds of confusion among the internet sleuths about the degree of "authenticity" of the event, since now a "real person" is corroborating events it cannot possibly be sure of, simply to feel important and get on the media.

4)A fully pre-manufactured made-for-TV, documentary-style, "reality" film shot before-hand, with plenty of takes to get it right to the extent that it needs to be psychologically operational without being too picky about mistakes, in fact, often arrogantly leaving obvious mistakes in such as shadows that don't match, etc., to mock the investigators, and then mixed-in with "real events" shot that day so that few will be able to tell, right away and with their feeble naked ayes, where the pre-manufactured stuff ends and where the "real" stuff begins. Nothing is really "live," of course, but pre-manufactred twice, the full film months beforehand and then once again integrated with the final touch-up, a simple final-mixing-in with the window-dressing of a "real crowd" on the day of the event, all aired as "live," of course, by a fully complicit media.

Note: Even in scenarios 3 and 4 which are the most pragmatic for modern PsyOps, it goes without saying that THE REAL BODIES still have to be produced in a morgue for either you yourself or a journalist representative you send over to check the pulse of, get an autopsy and death certificate of, take videos of and last but not least, MAKE SURE that this supposed dead person or entity is, in fact, the person they say that he or she is.

Erik Paul said...

The restoration of Mami's wouldn't be complete without the reappearance of former commentors like the ultra laconic Negentropic!

SVBob said...

Thanks Negentropic for your perceptive comments.
I vote for a combination of 3 and 4, hybrid. There were some sort of bodies on the night of the events, and "good samaritans" (actors) from somewhere. I didn't see any blood or believable deaths or even believable injuries.
I would not say, however, that all of the supposed dead were completely nonexistent and fictitious. A friend of mine sort of knew (he had dinner with her several times) a woman from S. California. I believe that this woman existed. Whether she was bought off or actually killed at a later point is anyone's guess. She was not on a great career path, so maybe she just took the money and ran into a new identity. Several of the details in her biography looked fake, even though she was a real person.
I tend to follow the line of Fetzer and his guest "Dan" (minus his stupid numerology/symbology) that this was an elaborate next-genation psyops where they mixed everything up to cause maximum confusion. An elaborate Rorschach test.
I don't think anyone will ever unravel this, since the establishment controls all the evidence. We are just left to spin our wheels.

Amanda said...

thanks for posting. agreed--this guy is not believable
also saw a video of some guy supposedly there as it was happening and he wasn't panicked at all, told the person he was with that they were fake gun shots coming from the speakers.

Og said...

Neg talks about a made for teevee docu

using the speakers

Still haven't seen a single image of bullets hitting anything or anywhere

Negentropic said...

@Ognir - They don't make anything too "real." They don't have to. They can turn it into a special effects shoot-'em-up extravaganza if they want to but there's no need for that. They also like to do it as sloppy as possible and still get away with in order to frustrate investigators and also justify the act in their own sick heads, as in, "if they're THAT FRIGGIN STUPID then they deserve to be screwed over all the time." Of course, they could have also done the "crisis-acting" all "on location and live" and in one-take and that's why there are so many mistakes and absurdities for you to catch, but in general, doing it "live" reduces effectiveness considerably and is really not necessary, since the 100% complicit media will simply ignore any witnesses giving the official fable the like or not feature them except very briefly as "fringe lunatics." A Jim Fetzer might get 10 minutes on Fox so that Fox can give a laughable impression of "balanced reporting" to its audience but a hundred others will drown out his one little segment and it will have no effect. That's how they work, as a team, all the time, the PsyOps departments of military intelligence, under control of the Judeo-Masonic elites, using the ultimate weapon of mass-deception, the mass-media, which is also fully-owned and controlled by the same douche-holes.

Negentropic said...

@SVBob "Hybrid" events are by far the least likely because the use of one method: "whacking people for real" defeats the very purpose of the other method -- faking victims to achieve maximum control of all PsyOp parameters by using the widest angle of leverage available through full deployment of a 100% owned and complicit media.

Massive amounts of energy are wasted in whacking people, finding people cold-blooded and murderous enough to do the whackings (outside of a mind-control slave who can also, of course, make many unanticipated mistakes made-for-TV-movie characters don't as long as you script them your way), dealing with really grieving and emotional victims' families and friends and then covering up all those murders afterwards, etc., all that energy can be put to far better use when everything is faked to the last firefighter, policeman and ambulance team.

Sometimes even some of the people who may have done these jobs in real life can be convinced to act in the PsyOp and become well-paid operatives loyal to the shadow globalist Judeo-Masonic hidden hand which is the real government anyway. Faking it all gives the actors and everybody else very little to lose and far more to gain.

The maximum leverage and control of parameters is achieved when they can FAKE IT ALL and IT IS STILL ACCEPTED AS REAL by most people.

Far less leverage is achieved when they have to kill people and cover it up (by lying directly to the families and friends) to achieve the same acceptance because it causes them far more hassles and waste of energy and resources, even allowing for unlimited resources, which is what they have with control of the usurocracy and fiat-money counterfeiting racket.

When they fake it all and it “works,” this means that the magic trick is still effective to the extent that it needs to for them to achieve the many aims, both big and small, of the PsyOp. If enough people find how the magic trick is done, through media-fakery, then and only then will they have to resort to using far more energy, much less leverage and go out and whack people for real to scare them into supporting the same agendas.

By faking all the victims, they can churn the PsyOps out any time they need them AND they will have far less trouble finding actors with no morals to sell-out their country, since no one is actually being killed and all they're doing is lying to the public and being traitors and there is far less chance of them getting in trouble for being fraudsters and traitors than it would be if they were directly involved in a mass-murder plot, never mind a mass-murder plot of a government against its own people.

Negentropic said...

Correction to the comment directed @Ognir: any witnesses giving the official fable the LIE not the "like"

Negentropic said...

@Ognir - To sum-up in a few words the general effect the PsyOp dempartments are usually forced to aim for, the following quote is the most insightful, we, the "truther community" of internet sleuths being the self-appointed "experts" or "experts-in-training, of course, at various stages of disinformation-sabotaged enlightenment and levels of mental clarity.

“See, the ‘Big Lie’ professionals in the business of deceiving this entire world’s population on a daily basis probably know better – when it comes to fooling BOTH the experts and the average Joe Public. The BIG LIE has to seem too bloody stupid in the eyes of the experts – and too bloody smart in the eyes of Joe Public. There is no quest either for the lowest or the highest common denominator in these psy-op schemes – or much less to target any specific IQ group (if you may pardon this unsavory way to put it). The aim is to strike the human consciousness somewhere ‘in the middle’ – so as to befuddle EVERYONE – and of course – to make EVERYBODY endlessly quarrel with each other.” — Simon Shack, December 11, 2013 at 3:52 PM

Negentropic said...


When you have more-or-less the same new-feeds being played on all the different media channels which are supposed to be "in competition," then you know that it is definitely a media-orchestrated event where there are no "rogue media" outlets contradicting the main narrative being pushed in the mainstream, only some pre-controlled dialectics to give a false impression of "fair-&-balanced" reporting to the average idiot. There is no real investigative reporting even in a large segment of the "alternative" media and plenty of gatekeepers to keep people distracted and away from full understanding of the methods or "magic tricks" used, which is the only thing that would render them ineffective for endless future use. When they actually have to stack up real body counts to achieve the same aims, you won't see half as many PsyOps, simply because they'll take a lot more energy and motivation to pull off. This is also why the people who for years kept saying "we don't care if it's fake or real, we know who did it and that's all that matters" were, in fact, acting as unpaid shills and gatekeepers for what their egos and emotions were invested in by Pavlov's notoriously simple methods of bait-&-switch and bait-&-hook-oer-time themselves, without really intending to.

Here's a good quote that sums up how victims are simulated in the internet social media age:

“Fake identities don’t have family, friends, ex-colleagues, boyfriends, girlfriends, bosses, schoolmates, local butchers, yoga-instructors, etc.

They have fake family, fake friends, fake ex-colleagues, fake boyfriends, fake girlfriends, fake bosses, fake schoolmates, fake local butchers and fake yoga-instructors, etc.

Thanks to pioneering simulations of entire communities like MySpace, Facebook, et al, it’s relatively easy to craft a bunch of names, punch in some scant details, link them together, and slowly inflate your sim with nonsense and bullshit until you have a novelistic backstory for every sim.” — Hoi Polloi aka Maxeem Konrardy, September Clues Forum

Negentropic said...


If bodies can't be produced for you or me or someone we place 100% trust in (not just "an old friend" who wouldn't lie to me or repeat distortions, blah, blah, blah) to examine personally at a morgue and confirm that they are, in fact, dead, and they are who the "authorities" and media say they are, then there is ZERO reason whatsoever for us to believe that anyone was "killed" simply because a movie was shown on TV selling us that narrative and in either deliberately or arrogantly butt-sloppy and insulting-to-anyone-with-half-a-brain fashion to boot.

Negentropic said...

@SVBob and Ognir --- Here's a well-thought-out perspective on how to properly react to Psychological Operations in order to avoid the most important PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAPS set for everyone, not just "Joe Public." The main goal is to try to get you to externalize power instead of retaining it within yourself. When you identify falsehood, you are then fully free to RETAIN all your power and not give it out to what has fraudulently bamboozled it out of the now (psychologically) powerless majority:

"The media are 'fear-service providers.' There are people who are (or can be made) addicted to fear-mongering, addicted to the master-slave relationship and don't (or won't) want to come to a level of personal responsibility and the media will then gladly provide the fear-service programming for them.

In essence we are still controlling ourselves to the degree that we participate in the manipulation (but we don't know it) and to the degree to which we EXTERNALIZE power. You can either participate in and accept the illusion or not. You can have real psychological, physiological, emotional responses to it or you can recognize that it is a FALSEHOOD and has no power over you and you maintain your power, retain your power. If we, collectively as a species, stood up and stopped watching the mainstream news and the alternative news, do you know that that network of control would cease to exist? It's that simple.

So why is it that people need the service of fear and fear-mongering and death, destruction, war, blood and gore and the externalization of power?

This has nothing to do with 'the illuminati' and 'the power elite' but only us on an individual level either claiming our power or not claiming our power. The choice is ours.

What we are seeing is all in the mind. It's not physical or tangible, it's all within the mind. To the degree that you believe IN YOUR MIND that these potential terror threats are real, they will have real influence and real impact on you. But let us be clear, it's just psychological warfare. What does happen is the triggering of the trauma of September 11th and as a consequence people become fearful just like we were on September the 11th and they begin to externalize power.

That's the manipulation, but ultimately the person has to CONSENT to the manipulation, no one is forcing a person because it's not physical. Again, the greatest MEANS OF CONTROL does not actualize through military might, physical subjugation or brute force. The greatest means of control is actualized through the manipulation of the PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITION of the human species.

That's why we have to start looking at mass media and media manipulation from the context of human psychology IN THE MIND. I think that that's where the power resides ultimately and if we are going to get to a point when we begin to reclaim our power, it has to be through a restructuring of our PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITION to where we do not perceive ourselves to be these lowly slaves to these masters that we call mass-media.

And that we do not accept stories from mass-media without any evidence of proof.

Adequate intellectual process demands CONCLUSIVE evidence or proof and in the absence of conclusive evidence or proof we should not accept anything that anyone says, what I say, what John says, what your momma says, what your daddy says. Once you stop subscribing to the script, you allow your subconscious mind to not only heal the subconsciously embedded trauma of September 11th 2001 (and other trauma-induced/fear-based PsyOps), but then you begin to see YOUR POWER TO REALIZE IN REALITY, physically, a greater reality for yourself, as opposed to the doomsday-like scenarios that are always propagandized by the mainstream news and the alternative news both." -- Lenon Honor