October 07, 2017

Smoke & Mirrors With Wayne Bush

This is the work of Wayne Bush of Tricked by the Light. Wayne's hypothesis is that the meme of "go toward the light" actually recycles us back into the matrix and that the correct move is to decline and move away from it. Set your face to stun and learn how to stop the recycling of your eternal soul!



Liam said...

Thanks Ohalahan. Different and interesting take on things. This guy has extensive research into Near Death Experiences. No one talks of multiple virgins or a guy called JC, or even an abrahamic entity. Wonder, wonder, I do.

Anonymous said...

Agreed robdsg88 and you're welcome. I've been aware of elite shenanigans for about 25 years now. In the last 10 or so, the theme of the "unseen enemy" keeps popping up. From Hollywood movies like "They Live" to Wayne Bush to Tracy Twyman to Crrow777 filming chem-planes that transform into orbs, to the bible talking about spiritual wars, we get these messages that the enemy is spiritual and (somehow) unseen. I personally know a man who saw someone shape-shift from lizard to man. It frightens him to talk about it. What is REALLY going on? You got me, but what I do know makes no sense unless you factor in the demonic.