November 29, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 506 - 2017.11.29

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (born ca. 1973) is the author of the widely imitated and hugely influential modern historical work, "The Synagogue of Satan", which has been translated into numerous languages and featured on bestseller lists worldwide. His second book is entitled "In The Name of Yahweh". "The Synagogue Of Satan," was an education in who controls the world and how they do it, "In The Name Of Yahweh," shows us why they are in control, and how their control can be broken.

Grizzom, Ognir, & zapoper

Andrew interviewed us this morning. The history of Mami's was discussed with a few other topics. 

Andrew Carrington

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whyamIthus said...

Good stuff Grizz! I found your website long ago approx in 2011 and asked you to share Eli James shows featured then on Republic Broadcasting and you did upload a few but then decided not to continue to. From what I remember you stated you didnt want to be associated with religion, in particular Identity. As White volk, we are brothers and good to see you conversing and sharing with Andrew a long time brother who KNOWS and studies his and our IDENTITY! And that of our true enemy! A 7500+ year long enmity!
Thanks for all you do!

Voltman said...

It was nice to hear the Admin guys relate the history behind Mami's Shitstorm.

Here's the latest from Brendon O'Connell:

Brendon O'Connell is a Political Prisoner in NZ
November 29, 2017

Makow comment- I wonder if O'Connell has a deathwish. 1. He goes to NZ when he was perfectly safe in Malaysia. He must know NZ is a Communist gulag with sheep. 2. Makes a noise about customs officials taking a cut of the cocaine at airport. This could be the real reason he is in jail. 3. Tells customs people about his bitcoin account. Is he mad? He seems like a bull in a china shop who may be overplaying his hand. Nonetheless, we need to stand behind him.

First Comment from JK

Can I suggest the commenters above, actually take a look at his YouTube videos. From a local Aussie perspective, Brendon is a typical battler who has fought the system and along the way, managed to bust a few myths - of how we are governed in Australia and how 'influence' is so easily exerted.

Obviously, at first glance, a non-Australian would find his 'brashness' and 'bull at a gate style' confronting, thereby discounting his motives & outcomes. It's a story you have to follow right from the start, like a very long movie, you slowly build up to a plot, to know just 'what' makes Brendon tick but also, how he developed as a plotline along the way. You get to see his weaknesses and foibles, all of which he admits quite readily and openly.

Voltman said...

From a Putin Fanboy:

Putin inspired me to make a dramatic choice: will I stick to my lifelong prejudices or will I let reality prove my lifelong prejudices wrong. The first option was far more comfortable to me, and all my friends would approve. The second one was far trickier, and it would cost me the friendship of many people. But what was the better option for Russia? Could it be that it was the right thing for a “White Russian” to join forces with the ex-KGB officer?

I found the answer here in a photo of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Vladimir Putin:

(see for picture)

If that old-generation anti-Communist hardliner who, unlike me, had spent time in the Gulag, could take Putin’s hand, then so could I!

In fact, the answer was obvious all along: while the “White” and the “Red” principles and ideologies were incompatible and mutually exclusive, there is also no doubt that nowadays true patriots of Russia can be found both in the former “Red” and “White” camps. To put it differently, I don’t think that “Whites” and “Reds” will ever agree on the past, but we can, and must, agree on the future. Besides, the Empire does not care whether we are “Red” or “White” – the Empire wants us all either enslaved or dead.

Putin, in the meantime, is still the only world leader with enough guts to openly tell the Empire how ugly, stupid and irresponsible it is (read his 2015 UN Speech). And when I listen to him I see that he is neither “White” nor “Red.” He is simply Russian.

So, this is how I became a Kremlin troll and a Putin fanboy - The Saker

Voltman said...

Larchmonter445 said it on November 27, 2017:

Since the fact remains that there is no Truth in the Western media or Searchable on the Internet, with algorithms rigged to bury anything good or important about Russia, we only have Putin’s Trolls as guides to the Truth. The minefield, once there, is our responsibility to traverse.

So be it. We demand of them proof of their worth each time they write or speak to us and logic for their analysis. Passion, anger or grief is not enough.

Precisely, this is how global Truth-Seekers come to the Saker’s Vineyard, examine the links to other neighborhoods of information and opinion, and participate in the dialectic of forums where peers can rip away at falsehoods, inaccuracies and propaganda.

The Western Truth-Seeker is as well equipped as any to discern all the attributes of professional bullshitters, nation-state agitators and the ideologically blinded of all stripes.

And what is very apparent, seeking the Truth is becoming a crime of thought. And “sanctions” will be brought against both the sources and the consumers of Truth. There is a price to be paid.

In a world of lies and deceit, the sacred duty is to find, consume and propagate the Truth, support those that do and, often, contribute to the production of such Truth.

We are a tiny group that is representing a massive part of humanity. We do the hard work of finding, evaluating and disseminating the Truth of Freedom’s fight against the Tyranny by our governments and by the Elites who control all distribution channels except for the very few that stand against the storm of evil.

Fate has it that Russia holds the Faith and that Putin tells the Truth, and that Russians are willing to fight and die to help the weak promote the Eurasian civilizations against the void of ideologies and Satanism, be it deviant Liberalist behavior or nihilist Wahhabi terror.

We understand the struggle. We cheer the heroes. We cry for the martyrs. And we shout out our support. Presente!

Erik Paul said...

Interesting show. I always wondered how Mami's got its name. How about doing another round table with all the admins?

alcoe said...

Awesome to hear you guys again.
I would love to hear a regular roundtable with you guys.
I bet if you kept at it , it would be easily your biggest download
Thanks for all your work to keep up your awesome site.
I have always enjoyed it!

alcoe said...

Hey what about bringing back Joe Blow!?
What ever happened to him I wounder?