November 13, 2017

Grimerica ep. 252 Nov 13, 2017

Grimerica Talks Charity Fraud with Charles Ortel

Note: Interview starts at 34:15 min.

Charles Ortel , joins us again to talk about charity fraud, gaming the system and, and how this could all fall apart in the next couple weeks. We also chat about Canada’s equivalent with Trudeau’s foundation, which of course has dramatically increased it’s take in since Justin’s election. And the G8 80/20, International Business, dynastic political families, the largest set of frauds in our history, dirty medicine and the blotched Haiti relief. Charles also talks about what can be done to stop this waste and fraud, the solutions and the blow back he and others have received for talking about this. Check out his new video’s “Sunday with Charles” on Crowd Source the Truth…


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