Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Health - Diabetes FreeStyle Libre

After 33 years plus of being a type 1 diabetic and as we are many here with types 1 & 2, I thought I would share if you don't know about this product or were not using it YET.

This is the 3rd greatest invention of all time as far as diabetes is concerned IMHO.
Humalog fast acting insulin is the number one.
Number two is a slow acting 24 hour insulin called Tresiba.

Come with a little gadget to stick the sensor on your arm. A small needle 0.4mm goes under the skin. I've hit a vein once or twice and blood does piss out. If you call Abbott, they will replace them free at least here in Switzerland & France. I knocked a few off my arm hitting doors frames etc  so you need to play around where you put it.

After 30 years of pricking my finger 10x a day to get my blood sugars, that over and seems to be 20th century to me now. Fingers all healed up after about a month and there is no way I would ever dream of going back to the old system.

Diabetes uses 2 systems of measure MG milligram and MM M/Mol, I use M/Mol and my doctor for the past 25 years always wanted my blood sugars near to an average of 7% (A1C test). I was never that good until I got this. This allowed me to connect reader to my PC and help me analyze where I was going wrong. After 8 months of use, my 6 month average A1C fell to 6.6%.

Perfect product for kids and older people, perfect for hospitals, easy for nurses to use.

Drawbacks according to the Ogster

1. May hit a vein placing the captur
2, They do come off after knocking them against things
3. Readings are a little slow during hypos at times
4. Great to be able to check what happens when you are sleeping

However the advantages far far outweigh the drawbacks.

Ideal present for yourself or a loved one.


Og said...

Another video

Erik Paul said...

Check out Dr.Jason Fung and you'll learn how to cure type II diabetes and you can toss all that stuff.

zapoper said...

Type two is not as big of a deal as type one that's for sure. Big pharma loves doctors who diagnose people with type two.

Erik Paul said...

Yeah, Type I is an organic condition in which the pancreas fails to produce insulin and Type II is the opposite but there's resistance to the insulin. Type III is also known as Alzheimer's Disease.

Type can be simply and inexpensively,though not easily, cured. (((Big Pharma))) definitely doesn't want that known.

Unknown said...

My father was a diabetic for over 40 yrs. He can pretty much tell what his blood sugar level is, just by the way he’s feeling. Funny fact though. When I took him to an iridologist to stop a bleed in his colon, the regimen of herbs he went on to cleanse his body and heal his colon, actually also healed his pancreas, plus all of his internal organs. His pancreas is now 100% and produces enough insulin to not take shots or pills like gliclazide anymore.
Just a true story, with no snake oil involved, for diabetics out there that haven’t taken the natural approach to health and healing.

foon1e said...

Sorry Zap. You're dead wrong about how dangerous type 2 diabetes is - I have both retinopathy and neuropathy after living with type 2 since my diagnosis in 2003. The retinopathy was dealt with via lazer surgery- not perfect eyesight after, but at least the bleeding behind my retinas has been stopped, And the neuropathy that affects my body below the waistline leaves me with constant chronic pain from my nerves dissolving, and subject to sudden warning-less falls as my legs spasm and collapse under me. it's not unknown for type 2 diabetics to have to undergo amputation of limbs as the tissue necrotizes and nerves shut down due to mylin sheath damage exposing the inner nerves to the various fluids of the body. It's no picnic, believe me. once the damage has been done, there's no comming back from it - despite what various snake oil salesmen out there would have you believe.