November 06, 2017

Jackie Kennedy: The Smoking Gun

CIA lipstick gun
The Zapruder film clearly shows a metallic object in Jacky's hand. Watch her hands from frame 238 until frame 313 (see video below) when she obviously blows John's head off with the CIA issued lipstick gun (picture above).CASE CLOSED!


Panzerfaust said...

Very interesting. Makes more sense than the other contraption in "Reverse Engineering The JFK Assassination."

Long range rifle shot assassinations are a Hollywood fav that doesn't reflect real life. In El Salvador, Guatemala, and other Latin American regions the technique of choice was a shooter on a motorcycle pulling up and popping the subject in his car then zooming off.

Bhutto was killed at close range.

Reagan was shot at close range.


zapoper said...


Panzerfaust said...

I guess this is how they would take out Milo. Either a lipstick gun or a explosive buttplug

Panzerfaust said...

coincidenceskeptic said...

There is a video with Jackie in a black dress walking towards the Hospital entrance. The news commentator's narration... "here we see Mrs. Kennedy speaking with the police officer that drove her husband to the hospital."
There is also a video from the Dallas PD archives with still shots that proves Oswald's shooting was staged and filmed in more than one take. No blood. No muzzle flash.
5 minutes of video that proves the whole thing was a hoax.
No death. No crime. No conspiracy.
And there is much the so called grassy knoll witnesses knew each other very well. They were planted at the scene...then "killed" off to avoid further questions.
But, your usual researchers - Fetzer, etc. - have an industry devoted to this "conspiracy" so, we a guaranteed 50 more years of magic bullet arguments and an ever increasing cast of lifetime actors.
Don't put a fork in it. It was over cooked years ago.
Whether you believe Jimmy Carter is JFK or not, Ed Chiarini is the only one telling it anywhere near correct on this tired story.

Scorpio said...

LOL @ Chiarini. That guy has served up so much BS it's actually quite humorous.
Links to support your contention?