November 10, 2017

The Post Political Condition: Brexit, Trump and the Rest of Us

This event had to be relocated at the last minute because an anonymous caller - we are told - cited ADL links that attack Gilad Atzmon.  A world class touring jazz musician with 15 albums to his credit, he is also a best selling author with two novels and two nonfiction books as well as a popular political analyst writing for World News, Press Tv, The Daily Telegraph, Veterans Today, Palestine Telegraph, Counterpunch, Aljazeera Magazine, and The Guardian, to name a few.

Atzmon was born in Israel in 1963 and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem but he now lives in England renouncing not only the Jewish state but also Jewishness itself.   His latest book: “Being In Time: A Post Political Manifesto” is the sequel to “The Wandering Who?”, a study of Jewish identity politics.  Clearly, he doesn’t identify with the Zionist state and is a fierce critic of Israeli foreign policy. But as he explains, he is against any form of identity politics whatsoever and this might help explain why he and Pink Floyed star Roger Waters who he recorded with are being subjected to an international smear campaign.  This campaign, he says is orchestrated and promoted by various Zionist institutions that attempt to silence every form of legitimate dissent of Zionism and Israeli politics.  In this talk we hear why he thinks identity politics has destroyed social progress and the left.

Thanks to BD Sanctions, Seattle
Recorded 9/30/17

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