Tuesday, December 12, 2017

PLAN ANDINA: A Second Jewish Homeland

By Alex van Heugten

We all have heard about Theodore Herzl and him being the creator of Zionism. I take that for granted since the Eurofolk Radio audience is way ahead of the pack. Herzl is regarded as the founder of Zionism and consequently the founder of the state of Israel today. The Jewish Homeland. But few are aware of the fact that Herzl also mentioned a second homeland for his people in his 1882 book Der Judenstaat. As in a second Jewish Homeland in Argentina. This plan had secretly been put in motion in 1887 at the Jewish international congress in Basel.

Here, Herzl's and Pinsker's proposals were approved of, as stated:
  • A mass Immigration of Jews to Argentina.
  • The purchase of massive lands, financed by the Jewish Colonisation Company Associates, located in London (The City, ring a bell?).
  • The constitution of large anonymous companies such as Dreyfus, Dunge, Born, Bemberg etc., in order to hide who would own those properties.


Voltman said...

The Hexagoons of Pentagoonia

Israeli War Criminals in Patagonia

What is Israhell's project in Argentina?http://www.voltairenet.org/article198968.html

Voltman said...

"In Pentagoonia in Chile and Argentina, you can see IOF criminals piled everywhere like heaps of (rotting) garbage." - A lawyer from Chile.

These monsters are setting beautiful parks on fire and getting away with it... They steal all kinds of things and are rude to the local people who generally despise them.

Who is responsible for sabotaging Fukushima?

Who is murdering the biosphere?

Scorpio said...

Files that under 'aint gonna happen'.
The jooz don't have that kind of power in SA. I've actually been there.
100% pipe dream.