December 22, 2017

Trump will spend $5 billion on anti-Russian psychotherapy (Ruslan Ostashko)


Voltman said...

I found this to be a very interesting and uplifting commentary by a well informed person.

Trumpenstein and all the intensely ignorant, stupid, evil and conceited monsters that surround this sickening sac of rotting garbage are getting their sorry arses kicked by all the people who still have a functional brain and heart! And that is VERY GOOD NEWS!!!

coincidenceskeptic said...

Only $5 Billion? They spent $5 Trillion on the first Cold War Hoax to terrorize the American public and another $5-6 Trillion on the War on Terror hoax.
Now, we are told the Pentagon will have it's first real find $21 Trillion in transactions.
$21 Trillion? Odd. A similar number is used for the National debt.
The Kleptocratic Oligarchy of International Organized Criminals have had a branch of Chase-Manhattan in the Kremlin since 1968 and it's owner - Rockefeller installed Fidel actor complete with IMDB page...into control sugar production in competition with Rockefeller's United Fruit, Co.
Putin would not have gotten as far as he has without being all in with this crew. He gets a boost from seeming to be at odds with the US...just like the good ole days.
But, in reality, what we see is just penis waving. No matter how it's served up, here on Earth the 99.9999% will continue getting fucked by toxic bank notes issued as debt with interest and devalued with inflation. Everything else is just distraction.
We are all just slaves here along for the ride, and although wars are fought with slaves the real enemy of the vast majority is a tiny minority who may claim patriotism to the masses but, are actually globalists by their very deeds.
Fear is their favorite weapon and $5 Billion worth is a drop in the bucket. Hell, they probably spent $2-3 Billion on the last campaign of fear known as the "Presidential Elections"...probably double what they spent last time and probably half of what they will spend next time...only three years to go!...for those of you can actually get worked up over that theater of the absurd.
As long as we continue to eat this nonsense they will cook a never ending supply of it.
Why? So that 7,000 can maintain control over 7 Billion...the same way they have for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.