Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Antishyster News Magazine, 1997-2002

Collection of all seventeen known copies of Alfred Adask's "Antishyster News Magazine" (later "Suspicions News Magazine"), from 1997-2002.

The articles in this magazine, despite their age, are oft-cited by sovereign citizens and those who observe them, and remain influential in the sovereign-citizen and tax-avoidance circles to this day.

A note on numbering: as far as can be determined, "Volume 7", Issue 1" is the first issue - the volume number was set to match the calendar year (1997). Volume 10 dates from 2000, Volume 11 from 2001, and the single issue of Volume 12 (by then retitled "Suspicions", but keeping the same numbering scheme) dates from 2002.

 Read and/or download the magazine here:  Antishyster News Magazine

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