January 03, 2018

Because It's Wednesday: January 3, 2018


Voltman said...

How can anybody still support Trumpenstein after all the bullshit this demented neoconderthal has stood for? Those toxic chemicals are sure having devastating effects on people's brains! My comment on this subject appears to have been rejected over at Snippets...

So many Americans cannot admit that they have been fooled by this freaking buffoon.

Get over it holdouts! You were FOOLED. End of story.

Erik Paul said...

'Trickle-down Tyranny' is real.

Voltman said...

Trick or Treat?

Fog poet transmitting...

Fanny Mae West & The Turnpike
Trannies from Transylvania have transmuted into rock mobsters on a mission from (isra)Hell.

The Tormenters of choice happen to be The Fomenters of deception/war/terror/ and unprovoked attack.

They are blowing high dough as they bribe and otherwise coerce the shabos goyim to stay the course. They stoke the fire that burns down libraries, YouTube videos, websites, comment sections, podcasts, Internet radio shows, along with civilized civilians.

They smell like tailpipes burning bad oil and spilling innocent blood for nothing but pipedreams and superstitious supremacist indoctrinated belief shitstems. The smells of dust and diesel permeate the atmosphere of their TV smokescreen reality.

Yahwho...Woooooo... Are you?
Who oo. Who oo.

The Whoman from Whoville on Yahwho chatting with the critter on twitter about
George Sorass who is said to have had his ass kicked so from now on, we're gonna have to blame someone else for the shenanigans of The Mass Morass Dumbass Operations Orchestra.

Gee... that couldn't be the Muppet who occupies the White Sepulcher house, now could it?

Don't forget that the main function of the acting clown is fooling the public, in concert with the fakestream ass media.

Don't forget that in THEIR twisted worldview, ALL powers have been transfered to "The President" with the NDAA Act and a host of other totalitarian, fascist, police state pieces if illegal legislation.

Je me souviens

zapoper said...

I just thought that this pic was funny. I would hope that most of us understand that Trump is Israel's bitch even more than previous presidents, dare I say.

Voltman said...

Vlad the Inhaler might be a more classy and sophisticated actor in the grand Kabuki theater of psychological operations.

Let's hope that Brother Nathanael is right about Vladimir the Impaler!

If Russia backs out of Syria, and the neoconderthals destroy more of Syria, it probably means that Russia is in on the global deception.

Revolt Man!