Saturday, January 20, 2018

jews stressed out

c/o Yankiedoodle 

We goy have been stressed out from hearing about holohoax, of course, but, now, the jews are realizing that the holohoax survivors are stressing out their own children.  Now, let's think: will this: 1) teach them to stop talking about the holohoax, so as to stop stressing everybody out; or, 2) enable them to demand more money to alleviate the self-created stress for generations to come?  The answer, of course, is 2.  The more they talk, the more money they get.

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Voltman said...

Uncle Gordie posted a pretty good article as far as I can tell.

Google/Israel is manipulating markets, currencies, events, our schools, our news, probably our weather and, eventually when they get bored, probably sports scores as well.

In Google, we have empowered a corporation to control much of the world’s data and communications, to decide what is true and what is fake, to edit what they wish, alter what they wish, and operate with more power than any government. Google, in simpler terms, is like the United Nations run by Heinrich Himmler.

We have watched them, tracked down their involvement in disinformation at first, then color revolutions, then in Syrian gas attacks, in bioweapons research, and all the while, engineering the internet as a “machine of stupidity” to lull the world into slavery.

Google Jigsaw trained ISIS to communicate inside private YouTube video accounts they protect; and Facebook chat has supplied terrorists with secure, encrypted, real-time links with American satellite intelligence passed on by the Mossad.

Ask any military expert, read this to them, see what they have to say. Do it, I dare you. This is what Google Jigsaw does and what they admit to on their website. Check, don’t just take my word for it.

It isn’t just Google, they work in concert with dozens of interlocking corporations, representing trillions of dollars of funding, that define world perceptions, their version of events, their version of history, their version of humanity; and their version is dark, dark indeed. There is no greater threat to the world than Google.

While no one paid attention, the tech companies that control this planet were eaten up one by one, until through SPV corps offshore they got control of the CIA, the NSA and most major “outsourcing” contracting firms” that run today’s wars, rig elections, trade in WMDs and disinform the world.

The real war governments face isn’t an alien invasion – Google is far worse than any science fiction; and it is here now. Governments know this and are powerless thus far to stand against them. Most of all, Google represents Israel.

Israel is only one nation, supported and kept alive by untold billions in hidden American welfare and military, and with secret alliances. The nation itself is never described; legally it is a hodge-podge of zones, some Arab, some Jew, some used to be Christian, but those were wiped out silently.