January 05, 2018

There is no hiding from the Truth (Support Monika Schaefer) 2018.01.05


1776blues said...

I have a question Zap, if Arthur's website is down, how will his email address work? Just curious since I've run across this problem before with others who have email addresses ending with their website url. I'll email him just to test it.

BTW, my ISP keeps sending your daily emails to my junk folder. I mark them not spam and one or two come through but most of them go to the junk folder. It's such a damn pain because I use MS Outlook and I have to log into my email on their website. They do the same to Deanna's emails and a few other right of center emails. Just an FYI

zapoper said...

Depending on what sort of deal Arthur was able to make with the despicable crown prosecutor, he might be "allowed" emails and therefore might still be paying the hosting company for the use of it. Let me know if the email bounced back.

As for the email notification, it seems to send an email not only when there is a new post published but also when there is any changes made to a post (which I find dumb).

For instance, if I publish a new post and the next minute I correct a mistake or add a link to that post etc. It will have sent you at least two emails under a minute or so which might be considered spam by outlook. This is my best guess of what is going on.