March 23, 2018

I just need a bit of money until the end of March (UPDATE)

Those who know me know that I hate asking for money.

The thing is that in the last two months I have not even gotten one 5$ donation. Normally I manage without help but there are still two weeks to go until the end of the month and I would really appreciate any small amount. I am on my last 20 bucks and that is why I am stepping on my "ego" and asking for help.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Thanks to all you good people, my situation did a 180. Since I've asked for help, I've gotten between 500 and 600$. I have food in the fridge and a good portion of my credit card debt will be paid off with the rest. Something that most of you might not be aware of, is that back in early December, I had a "cardiac event". I didn't go to the hospital but I have all the symptoms of angina. I've been doing the Linus Pauling protocol with added amino acids, minerals and vitamins known to be good for the heart and circulation. I've also been doing EDTA chelation.

Back when this happened in December, I never thought that I would be able to shovel snow like I used to but I did. Because the angina seems to be somewhat stable, I just have to take breaks when I get chest pains etc. All the supplements I take cost around 200$ a month so any new donation I get will go toward buying more.

It truly warms my heart to see that so many decent people visit this site and every purchase I made this week made me think of you.

I hope that you felt my gratitude while reading this.

I will make this post sticky for a few days in case of anymore updates. Spingola is having Dr Daniels as a guest on Saturday and will ask her a few questions on my behalf about what I'm taking for my heart condition.  


Charles Edward Frith said...

I'm out of work and looking for a job but you've been great on this blog so I just sent over 5 bucks. It's not much but it's the best I can do right now. Wish you well.

zapoper said...

It is much appreciated considering what you are going through. I wish you the best in finding not only a job but one that you will also like doing.

P.S. The other day Grizz and I were talking about generous people and we both agree that most of the time people that are poor are often the more generous.

Best wishes Charles.

rex said...

Hello, you got 5 CAD of me and also have a suggestion for you. Please accept in ex Bitcoin, Litecoin, Rippel or other crypto currencies, so we will avoid the exchange fee.
Best regards Carl Hamlet :)

Unknown said... might think imma bs'ing but imma serious as a case of diarrhea, ok. imma homeless and I live my life by flying a sign on the street corners like a ho. I can make over $100 dollars in less then 2 hours. All my bills are paid till next month and I got food and beer and the truck has gas in it. something to think about zap. my sign says "anything helps." plenty of good people out there in the city or big town. I been doing this for over a year now....sure I sleep in the drivers seat of a chevys10 but I do what I gotta do. I think I make about $400 a week....sometimes less...sometimes more... I've made $1400 in 3 days during xmas and new years. but imma only out on the corner for a couple hours a day. think about it dude. it keeps me alive. swallow the pride big guy and get out there on the streets. fuck what anyone says or thinks.

Panzerfaust said...

Zap some months ago I've looked for contact info like an email address but came up short. Can you provide something?

zapoper said...

Erik Paul said...

OK Zap, you shamed me into it!

Unknown said...

Zap, just sent you a sawbuck.
I'm absolutely sure that I've been in situations in my life either similarly or much worse than yours buddy.
Good luck & hang in there.

tag said...

hawthorne treatment angina

Urahara said...

Is there a way to donate without having to sign up for paypal? Also, I posted it a few days ago on a Rense posting but do yourself a favor and look into Inclined Bed Therapy. It is only going to cost you some time and maybe a few books/stacks of wood.

zapoper said...

Hawthorne is a good one too. It is in my wish list of where I buy most of my supplements. There is a cost benefit to all this though and many plants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are good too.

I only have a paypal account Urahara.

ruxpert said...

It is my understanding that if intended recipient sends paypal request to funding sender, funding sender does not need to have a paypal account?
So, request Zap to send a paypal request to funding sender for amount you want to send, and it should work ok, paypal takes a bit out for transaction fee.

Og said...

zap get a case postale in any post office

Sami Ahmed said...

Sent you $20 CAD. That exchange rate is killer, I don't know how you do it up there with such a weak currency Zapoper. I'll try to send more if I can. Thank you so much.

zapoper said...

Thanks Sami. I just sent you a thank you email.

Sami Ahmed said...

Thank you Zapoper. Sent along some info links.

Unknown said...

"If you're in trouble or hurt or need, go to the poor people. They're the only ones that'll help - the only ones." - John Steinbeck

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I can only do snail mail when I can manage a bit. Gimme a P.O. please.

If you send it as a comment on the blog, I don't have to publish the comment, just keep and use the addy.

Meanwhile, I am so glad you are getting some help. This is a small loose community but I have seen, over the years, how it pulls together for those who are in need and do their bit, which you most certainly do ~ with consummate skill.

As you know, I keep so very to myself; I am sorry for not knowing more of your situation. You know, (blush now, kiddo). you are special.

Fakk said...

Hi Zapoper

I had low level angina for a couple of years. I got over it (hardly notice it mow) by cutting out all dairy products, reducing alcohol to minimum, taking much less meat, eating fresh greens often (especially cabbage), and taking a cup of special home made juice three times a day.

The special juice recipe follows:

1 oz fresh Turmeric root
1 oz fresh Ginger root
1 oz dried Chinese Red Haw Berries or Hawthorn.
1 oz dried Chinese Black Fungus
1 pint preferably fresh or shop bought Orange Juice or other pure fruit juice if preferred

To prepare, first grind the dried ingredients to powder in a coffee mill or similar. Put 3/4 pint of juice with all ingredients into a strong blender and grind to a liquid, use more juice to top up as the mixture becomes thicker. Let stand for half hour (dried ingredients will absorb liquid) and restart the blender to finish the mix into drinkable liquid.

The result should be three large cups of healthy product, which I believe was the main factor in reducing my heart problem. Obviously after circulatory and/or heart problems, healthy diet with (imo) no dairy, becomes a necessity.

zapoper said...

Thanks Jim