April 09, 2018

Unleaded 2013 Documentary Trailer

More than two weeks ago, I created an account here and sent an email asking to buy the DVD of this documentary and never got a reply.


whyamIthus said...

Hmmmmmm.... Looks like this documentation of a CHELATION cure to dis-ease has fallen of the face of the earth?
This may help. I wish I had the money to order it and pray this documentation may become available to all soon.
Chelation Therapy is easily researched, yet not so easily carried out! Yet our lives depend on IT.

If you'd like to order "Unleaded" our distributor is Adler & Associates Entertainment in Los Angeles. Please contact them here: http://www.adlerandassociatesentertainment.com/catalog/
Above found here:

"For information on streaming licensing, broadcast licensing, or personal viewing, please contact Mark Belasco at Adler & Associates Entertainment, Inc. at (310) 684-3545 or email mark-belasco@adlersproductions.com"
Above found here:


BillyBob said...

Zap, I did contact the company re: streaming - Mark is dealing with family issues right now and is not responding to inquiries for some period of time.

If I can stream it, I can copy it for You.

zapoper said...

ROFL. I did call them today too and When I said I was Canadian he asked me if my name was Drew. LOL

This whole thing smells like a big Pharma conspiracy. Nebulous.

Thanks for the effort Drew.

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting. I honestly feel like I'm going to have a heart attack from stress (trying to get a family member off benzo poison), so this is something I'll have to look into further. Doing as much as possible for heart health now, like Linus Pauling protocol, magnesium calm, Hawthorn berry,

BillyBob said...

Zap, this is the response I got today from the film's creators: Dear Drew,
The film is still going through delivery ( the release is being pre-pared) and we don't have a release date locked yet. Please check back in July. Thanks very much for your interest and support.

All my best,

zapoper said...

You are welcome Amanda. I think that they did not talk of the chelation protocol in that video. It is Calcium Disodium EDTA. I am taking it orally but it seems like I should be getting IV too.

zapoper said...

Thank you very much Drew. Keep me updated please.