June 18, 2018

Hervé Ryssen, Yvan Benedetti. Patriotes en dissidence. juin 2018

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Voltman said...

A Few Notes on the Video

"The jewish political mafia" has created generalized hysteria in France and these guys know it.

"We identified the judaic ennemy; that's why we were labeled as antisemites by the jewish police.."

"150,000 immigrants come in to France per year. They are fining people thousands of dollars for online comments... We must stop them, they're nuts..."

The guy on the right is radical and refuses compromise. The guy on the left wants to be more accomodating towards "multicuralism".

"We must awaken the people to the slow-motion destruction of the French patrimony.
"Identity and sovereignty go together."
"Being white is part of our identity."
"Look at the french soccer team; can you say the players represent the French?"

"Islam does not have its place in France and Europe. It has no legitimacy there."

"We have been conned."

"Do not fall into the trap of islamophobia; we are not against muslims; they are being used. Islam is not our ennemy; immigration is our ennemy, destruction of the
family, etc..."

"The Shiites in Iran, Syria and Lebanon protect the Christians there. Iran is a major anti-NWO force in this war and is France's natural ally." Assad is also an

"The noose is tightening around Israel. Iran had a hand in defeating the "west" in Syria."

Reaching the public does not suffice; the ennemy has to be vanquished. You must first identify the ennemy, otherwise you're like a bull in the ring going after the
red flag.

(Better to go after the redshield...just sayin')

The second thing to do is determine objective, or goal." The french patrios are split in 2. Jewish political power wants us to fight each other.

"We need revolutionaries; there is no political solution. Those who have money are not funding guys like us.

Tommy Robinson is pro-jew; look at all those of us they don't make a big deal about in the media!

"We are the lightning rods"