July 06, 2018

Ameliorations to the site

     A few days ago when I added features to the mobile version of Mami's, I noticed that the players for the "best rants" were preloading and wasting bandwidth. It's been that way for many months but I had not noticed it because my default browser was not behaving the same way as Chrome, Opera and IE etc.

     I fixed the problem by adding "preload = none" to the HTML of all players. I also made small ameliorations to make the web version of the site load faster.

    Since I'm just a flawed human being and I can't test all browsers, operating systems and different resolutions that you may be using, I would appreciate the reporting of any mistakes I make or problems that you encounter.



Ross said...

I have an old Mac running 10.6.8 and the recent change has made a big difference. Before, the page was continually 'loading', it would regularly freeze when I scrolled down and it slowed the whole system down. Now it all works perfectly, so thank you.

Anonymous said...

Aww gee, I reported this issue some months ago (Debian with Chromium) and you couldn't replicate it. It was only a problem for me because I'm on limited 3G and all pages were guzzling data when open. Other sites with html players do this too, for example eurofolkradio.com. For 99 percent of users I guess data and hence this issue is of no importance. Anyway, you recommended I use the mobile version and so I have done that ever since and been happy. I only load up the desktop version in order to post comments. It's all good. We are all on a learning curve ;-)

zapoper said...

I was thinking of you when I fixed it. Sorry for the long wait. I sort of forgot about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey no worries man. I will defo check out the super new improved desktop version, thanks for that! Meantime, and since you asked for errors I was just trying to download Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2018.07.05 but the download link is pointing to Truth Jihad radio. Cheers.

zapoper said...

I uploaded the wrong file and never noticed it. It's fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.