July 24, 2018

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.07.23

Graham and Brizer's guests: Ole Dammegard and Cody Snodgres

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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

ACH was going on about JooShoos and 17th century English riots a month or so ago. Synchroniity or what.

Good show lads.

Although Omi Gladio scion is most likely a family operational revealing secrets about Euro/US fannying around when the action is going out to IndoIndonesia.

Right hand left hand middle hadn't.

tag said...

A shoe

zapoper said...

ROFL @ tag

rodin said...

All those shoo-tings...

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Look for the shoes, it's not the jooz.

You need to find the clues, but it's not the jooz.

It's "they" that are doing it, never mention the jooz, because they don't forget their shoes?

I haven't heard the word "they" used so many times since the last Alex Jonestein show.

Note to your guests Graham - you both seem a bit tongue tied and lost for better research and "clues" - My suggestion for you is to start your research as to "who" "they" are, by reading the torah. - If you don't see it there in black and white, you need to get yourselves a new pair of shoes. Good luck with your amazing research - LOL

Brizer said...

@ Bartholomew Beauregard III:

We are so sorry that you got butt hurt because we didn't mention "it's the jooz" every 10 seconds on this particular show. It obviously caused you great emotional distress that "they" and their "shoes" got priority on this show over "the jooz". Our humble apologies.

Now where did I leave that feckin' Torah? I've got research to do!

Seeing as you were so kind to offer that suggestion to us, here's a suggestion for you:
Get over it - LOL

Scorpio said...

Brizer - If you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts on this Cody S. Character?
I've heard him on several interviews and his story doesn't ring true, at least in my opinion.
Maybe we can talk on Skype about it in the future.
keep up the good work. This wasn't a criticism of you, Graham or your show.

Brizer said...

Hi Scorp....I don't know too much about him other than what he said on the show. He seemed quite genuine to me when we were speaking with him on and off air. I've noticed that there does seem to be doubts among quite a few people whether he's the real deal or not. Sure we can talk on skype soon. I'd be interested to know what you think.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

@ Brizer:

Not "butt hurt" at all Brizer, but apology accepted nonetheless. Thank you.

Your guests seemed slightly lost in the mud and their points poorly researched. I would say In the arena of confusion mixed with naivety. Your insinuation that I was butt hurt because they didn't say "it's the Jooz every 10 seconds" misses the point like missing the barn in front of your face. Factually Brizer, they didn't mention "it was the Jooz" once in the show. Not once! haha - On the contrary, and if it makes you feel better Brizer, your guests did say "they-them" every 5 seconds or less, and "shoes" every few minutes, which obviously thrilled and fulfilled you. They both are either frightened, ill informed, ignorant, still asleep, or work for the "dark forces" wooooooo, not to say who "they-them" actually are. Were they trying to mislead you, and your educated audience? I would love to be a fly on the wall when these guys find out that most people in the world wear 2 shoes each. Would hate to see them when they walk by a shoe store.- LOL! For two guys who totally act like they have it "all" figured out, not to say the word jew raises the flags. They speak exactly like Alex Jonestein, invoking fear and use the word "they" way way too much, while never naming the parasite. They act smart but can't figure it out? - They didn't hit the bullseye once Brizer, not once. Very sad, but don't worry, I'm not butt hurt.

They straight out lied about Hitler and guns. Hitler increased gun ownership for German citizens, not decreased it. I would give ten bucks if I could have the opportunity to debate both of them about the hollow-hoax, 911, and Sandy Hook. It was great that Graham shut them down on Hitler. :) - 911 is a slam dunk Joo Job! - We can start at the "very real" children's grave sites in Sandy Hook, as well as the "current" and "real" law suit against the fraud Alex Jones by many of the victim's families. Have you or they ever heard of Cass Sunstein? Obama's Information Tzar - https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1084585
He set guys like your guests up to add clouds in the coffee, and guys like your guests are swallowing the whole hook, line and sinker. Ironically fed to them by a Joo :) They sure didn't know shit about BDS, and immediately pointed towards a Chinese general to get off the subject. No?

PS: I always thought it was the socks!. After all, if you review the pictures there are more pairs of socks than shoes. @#$%^&*( Remember Brizer, it's the clues and the shoes, of course not the jooz. It's the evil "They-Them" people. Glad to have it figured out now. Thanx. :)

Scorpio said...

@BBIII - wall of text = butthurt
Brizer is correct and has won the debate.

Liam said...

@ Scorpio - Mr Scorpio, what are your thoughts on this Cody S. Character? Perhaps you can inform me of the real and true job-description of a "private contractor" to the CIA, who undertakes "black ops" and who these "black ops" are undertaken for and for "who benefits"?

Scorpio said...

liam - No comment - it's classified.
If you want to believe Cody, Don't let me stop you.

Liam said...

Scorpio - Soo, it is above my pay grade, I don't have the security clearance, if you told me you would have to kill me? It was not my intention to imply Mr Cody S was believable. Cheers,enjoy.

Mr Beauregard 3 - "the "very real" children's grave sites" and "the "current" and "real" law suit against the fraud Alex Jones" and hearsay evidence. There is a trinity of inadmissible evidence as all can be readily and easily fabricated.