Monday, August 27, 2018

BREAKING! — VP Pence plans ‘coup’ to capture Presidency

Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon August 27, 2018

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Our Special Correspondent in Washington, a source whose predictions we have found invaluable over the years, tells us that Trump’s impeachment grows more imminent by the day and that the forces behind the push to destroy the President and force him out of office are also staunch Pence supporters who would like to see Pence in the White House by the end of this year.


The same correspondent tells us that the British government, already sensing which way the wind is blowing, has not only begun to cool off considerably toward Trump in recent days, but has also begun to makes its first tentative overtures to Vice President Pence, fully expecting a new regime in Washington within the near foreseeable future.


An article in Saturday’s Daily Mail actually takes the extraordinary step of putting in a good word for Trump, saying he will be sadly “missed” when Pence takes over—a step all the more extraordinary in that the Mail’s attitude toward Trump has previously been far from complimentary. This can only mean one thing: that President Donald Trump, for all his faults, is seen as a better bet all round than President-in-waiting Mike Pence.


There is indeed the widespread perception, both in Britain and elsewhere, that to go from Trump to Pence would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.



Voltman said...

Here's an article that needed a few adjustments...{{{smiles}}}

Memo reveals Soros-funded social-media censorship plan
By wmw_admin on August 25, 2018
Art Moore — World Net Daily August 21, 2018

From the article:

"The recent wave of censorship of conservative voices on the internet by tech giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Apple mirrors a plan concocted by a coalition of George Soros-funded, progressive groups to take back power in Washington from President Trump’s administration."

"Progressive groups"?
Is banning the truth being progressive?

"President Trump's administration"?!!!

What administration?

Do you mean the Liars for israHell?
The ones who signed their pledge of allegiance to israHell?
The Warshington Warmongers? The Brainwashington Bullshit Regime?

You wouldn't be referring to these shitheads, would you?:
Atturkey General Deff Sessions? Mad Bitch Mattis?
Jarhead Kushner? Rosenswine? Nutty Nikki Haley?
John Dolton? Kike Pompedo? Dike Pence?
Qanon Ball Adelson?

Surely, such an "administration" shouldn't require Soros/Rotschild money to remove!

In a sane world, these crooks would be carted off to the nearest dump and recycled; or perhaps, escorted by armed police to Concentration Camp for for some serious rehabilitation. That requires a determined militia. Out of a population of over 300 million, one would think there would be enough to kick some serious butt...

Anyway, everybody should stop voting immediately for ALL THESE FUCKING CLOWNS who wouldn't know their stinking arses from a hole in the ground!

I propose sending the whole bunch way on down to Concentration Camp! That obviously includes all those sick and hypocritical gangster parties, and it most certainly includes these twisted mother fucking fakers in the Mainstream Media: Mainstream BS (MBS)!!!

That's what I proposed 3 months after 9/11...

Hardly anybody voiced support for the idea...

Back to the article:

"A confidential, 49-page memo for defeating Trump by working with the major social-media platforms to eliminate “right wing propaganda and fake news” was presented in January 2017 by Media Matters founder David Brock at a retreat in Florida with about 100 donors, the Washington Free Beacon reported at the time."

Revised by Voltman:
"A long list of unlawful dirty tricks for silencing the voices of truth was handed over to the cartel of data miners known as JOOGLE, JOUTUBE, faceBERG, Twitts R'US, RottenApple, etc.. the plan is to squash the resistance and promote BS propaganda and fake news. It was presented in January 2017 by Media Tatters founder David Crock at a crook gathering in Florida with about 100 bribers, the Washington Free Bacon reported at the time.

There, I fixed it.


Memo reveals Soros-funded social-media censorship plan
By wmw_admin on August 25, 2018
Art Moore — World Net Daily August 21, 2018

Voltman said...

FREE BACON Everybody!!

Hey Fetch!
If you're out there, there's some

Want a Whole Lot a Crock?
Check out this Crocodile Brock:

"The Free Beacon obtained a copy of the memo, “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action,” by attending the retreat."


"Media Matters must grapple with the effects of decaying journalism and ensure that truth triumphs in the information ecosystem - not only as a means to combat
misinformation but because it's necessary for our embattled democracy to survive."

As you can see, the truth will triumph but only if we get rid of Trump and the Republicans, and the alt-right, and the conservatives, and the truthers, and all the other fascists, nazis, white supremacists, deniers, heretics, whatever...

So sleep tight, everything is under kontrrôll.
Our embattled democrazy will survive...

To find out how, just go here:


Back to the Free Bacon article:

"The memo spells out a four-year agenda that deployed Media Matters along with American Bridge, Shareblue and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to attack Trump and Republicans."

There's gonna be a war between The Shitheads and The Dumbasses. That could be good if they could only annihilate each other in a blaze of illuminating glory!

Of course The Shitheads don't call themselves shitheads, they call themselves, get this....Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

The Dumbasses haven't yet found a name for themselves...
But I'm sure their cheerleaders will eventually come up with something better than "alt-right"...maybe...hopefully...{{{smiles}}}