August 23, 2018

Good Truthers Go To Jail Because the Truth is No Defence - John Kaminski (Brian Ruhe)


Og said...

fuck youtube with blocked in your country

Zeebra said...

^ You have to watch @ YT here (mami's embedded YT console here won't play), then you must okay that:

"The following content has been identified by the (((YouTube community))) as inappropriate or offensive to (((some audiences)))."

Then it proceeds to the stripped down player page, telling nothing but title, channel, & pub date-- nothing else (#views, likes, more info, comments, suggested vids, etc).

Can you "blocked in your country" peeps still proxy in to see it? Kaminski's a treasure.

Brian Ruhe said...

Thanks for posting this! It was great for me to have another visit with John Kaminski. He is a wise elder of our community and should be respected just as elders are of other groups all around the world.

Voltman said...

Great discussion between two great guys who don't pussy-foot around.

From John Kaminsky:

"The erasure of real history and the bullshit shoved down our throats"

The persecution of good people by blood drinking pedophiles" - How long before they come for you? - "We must believe what the jews tell us to believe or else..." - "They are the master of lies" - Holocaust hysteria started 20 years after the end of WWII." - "We need to see ourselves in Monika Schaefer's position"

"We need to go after THEM now!" - "The public is out to lunch" - Gideon Falter the cockroach in England, is going after Alison Chabloz." - How do you deal with a legal system that says that "the truth is no defense"" - "We have a serious mental problem here" - "It is against the law to disagree with these self-chosenites" - Are you afraid to tell the truth? You should be"

The 1950's were the good ole' days" - Everything changed after the Kennedy assassination" - "Churchill, the drunken homo prime minister of England never mentioned no holocaust" - James Bacque: Other Losses, a REAL Holocaust!"

"We're ruled by sick people that have messed up our world" - "People think they can hide from this truth, 9/11, WWI, WWII, etc. but they can't"

"We need to get Monika out of jail"

Voltman said...

The judges say "the truth is no defense"...
And they want us to take THEM seriously?!!!!


Santa Monika's Tribulation

She suffers in her cell unjust incarceration
Her jailers come from hell with vile indoctrination

She uncovered the truth of her hoodwinked generation
And discovered the root of our people's liberation
She speaks and sings with ease, a source of inspiration
Her fiddle holds the keys of inmate celebration

She played Don Messer's breakdown
Candles glowing in the wind
And danced us to the end of love
With her burning violin

First she took Alberta
Then she took Berlin