August 14, 2018

The Brian Ruhe Show 2018.08.14

Brian Ruhe is the host of, "The Brian Ruhe Show" on YouTube and on Revolution Radio. He and his guests tackle issues of Jewish, Rothschild, Zionist, Talmudic power in the world and discuss spiritual perspectives as well. Based in Vancouver Canada, Brian is a former Buddhist monk and has worked for 20 years as a Theravada Buddhist and meditation teacher. Due to his political views, the Jews at B'nai Brith got him fired from teaching in 2015. Brian has over 1700 YouTube videos and is the author of two books.

Hour 1 - Guest, Christopher White who lives in England and is pro white

Hour 2 - Guest, alien abductee Steve Boucher from Ontario

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Unknown said...

Tim Kelly does good work. The Catholic church has been under attack by the (((You Know Whos))) for at least a century. Catholics are entitled to be angry and concerned.

Unknown said...

Oh, and the guys name is Duff, not Duffy, and he's Jewish not Irish.

Unknown said...

Nobody's entitled to cover up paedophilia for decades. Why single out Catholics? Paedophilia is present in all institutions, particularly in political ones. Why not go after them? You appear to believe everything the Lamestream, fake news outlets spew out. The so called 'paedophilia' scandal in the Catholic Church was, in fact, a 'gay' scandal since most of the victims were adolescent boys. That doesn't make it right it just proves that the (((MSM))) were misrepresenting it: A) because they want to destroy the Church and B) because they are promoting homosexuality.

Unknown said...

Also, you say 'Catholics are not entitled to cover up paedophilia'. I'm a Catholic and I've never encountered paedophilia, much less covered it up!

Unknown said...

You appear to be inferring that all Catholics are covering up paedophilia and for this reason people, such as Tim Kelly and E Michael Jones, should be denied a platform. Prove this or shut the f*ck up! This isn't your personal safe space! Instead of kvetching about Tim Kelly and E Michael Jones stick to garbage such as Hunt and Giuliani!

Scorpio said...

@ Mary Louise -' Unknown' is a troll.
We've given him two years of leeway but to no avail.
He does nothing but bitch and moan...about everything.
I suspect that he is a turd world immu-grunt with a deep hatred towards all things western.