September 19, 2018

A Reply To Matt McManus's Review Of Canada In Decay

by Prof. Ricardo Duchesne

Part I | Part II

Canadians who fought in WWII: Liberals or Fascists?

My books have been the beneficiary of excellent reviews. The Uniqueness of Western Civilization (2011) was reviewed extensively in various languages, eight of which were full review essays published in both standard academic journals and conservative/dissident right journals. Canada in Decay has received two review essays thus far. I expected this book to be attacked because it is the only book written by an academic who questions the misleading ideology that all Western nations must be diversified if they are to live up to their liberal-democratic principles. I am not surprised, therefore, by the extremely unfair, and carelessly constructed, review penned by Matt McManus. But this does not mean I will let this review go unanswered. McManus's review is a reputational attack aimed at suppressing my academic freedom by identifying me, without any attention to the arguments and facts of Canada in Decay, as a "white supremacist".

The views McManus expresses against me are standard fare in our universities, where no open debate is allowed on the most crucial question of our times: in what ways do Europeans stand to benefit economically and culturally from the continuous arrival of millions of immigrants? Everyone, and it starts in our primary schools, is mandated to believe that “diversity is our greatest strength” and that any form of European ethnic identity is inherently illiberal.

What surprises me about academics with PhDs, who should know better, is how conceptually inept they show themselves to be whenever they debate the relationship between the imposition of diversity and the nature and history of Western culture. They are always caught up in a bind created by their own contradictory claim that modern Western liberalism has been deeply marred by racist assumptions and practices, while in the same vein insisting that their efforts to diversify the West are conterminous with the ideals of Western liberalism. Academics take it as a given that opposition to diversity is inherently illiberal and racist. They can’t understand, accordingly, how someone can possibly attack immigrant multiculturalism, as I do, in the name of liberal values, in full agreement with the “critical thinking” universities are supposed to cherish, and in admiration of the ideals of Enlightenment thinkers.

McManus is a Cultural Marxist

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