October 14, 2018

General's final confession links 1956 massacre to Israel's secret plan to expel Arabs

  • The 1956 massacre of 47 Palestinians at Kafr Qasem wasn't a group of rogue soldiers. They were working under orders.
  • Those orders were tied to the still secret "operation Mole" which was about expelling Arabs from an area in the West-Bank
  • The trials for the soldiers were a sham, judges were selected to be lenient by Ben-Gurion. This was done to prevent international outrage/actions and pretend Israel cared about justice. (Note all soldiers were free after 4 years.
  • The highest officer convicted (Yiska Shadmi) was well taken care of by being given lucrative contracts by the IDF after he served his time. Which he believed was done because he stayed quiet and denying that he worked under orders during the trial.

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