October 05, 2018



I’ve been keeping my mouth shut over something that was really exciting me, and also stressing me. It took a long time to get it, but I finally got it!!!!

I was investigating the actual source of the book, The Great Jewish Masque when I put out Part 6 of it. I was analysing details of the author. Who is the mysterious author? What did he know? Why did he write it? Here’s the link to the video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 6 – Who was the mysterious Author?

Among the unknowns, for example, were: In which country was it first published? Where is the author from?
The author definitely seems to be British.

While researching it, I realised the obvious actually, which it tells you, that it was originally published in a magazine. With some research, with the help of Bob in DC who also has his own Jew exposing blog, we discovered that The Great Jewish Masque had originally been published in a magazine called The American Gentile. This magazine existed from 1935 until about 1940.

Then Bob struck gold for me! Bob found that there were 6 copies of The American Gentile in a library outside the USA.

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