October 12, 2018

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.10.11

Tim Kelly on The Myth of the 20th Century

Tim Kelly is a guest on the Myth of the 20th Century to discuss Catholic power and the American Empire.

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WWS said...

Perfidious Pope

Not only did Pope Pius XII conspire to assassinate Adolf Hitler, he also restored Jesuits to power and betrayed German World War I military plans to its enemies:

"But since 1872, when Bismarck expelled the Jesuits for political conspiracy, Rome had relied on the Catholic Center Party and its ally, the Bavarian People’s Party, to protect Church interests. Pacelli [Pius XII] made restoration of the Jesuits a priority. In 1917, through the influence of his key asset, Erzberger, the Reichstag repealed its anti-Jesuit laws."

"According to one postwar German intelligence report, Pacelli conspired to thwart a 1917 offensive that Prussian General Erich Ludendorff planned in France. Erzberger visited the Jesuit superior-general in Switzerland. Soon afterward, French Jesuit Michael d’Herbigny tipped off the Allies, who moved up reserves and dealt Ludendorff a crushing defeat. German morale collapsed, the kaiser abdicated, and Erzberger signed the armistice ending the war."

Church of Spies: The Pope's Secret War Against Hitler
by Mark Riebling


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