October 18, 2018

Trump Shills for Saudis Over Jamal Khashoggi Killing


Amanda said...

How do we even know this guy is dead? Just b/c the lying MSM said so?

Sibel Edmonds @sibeledmonds 6h6 hours ago #Khashoggi Case Status @sibeledmonds: With No Recovered Body, No Witnesses, No Confirmed & Forensically-Examined Recording, No Documents, No Concrete Evidence & No Confession- The Case is Legally & Scientifically Remains as “Missing”!
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Sibel Edmonds @sibeledmonds 6h6 hours ago Flashback From My #Khashoggi Case Coverage: “With dozens of agents in #Turkey & shit load of money to spend, #Saudi Gov could have had #Khashoggi killed in #Turkey without A trace (Robbery gone bad,or,hit & run, poison)Why take this huge risk by doing it sloppy in Consulate?!!” 4 replies 10 retweets 15 likes

Sibel Edmonds @sibeledmonds 7h7 hours ago I’m Going To Say It Again: Bravo #Trump for asking for the most sane & rational thing: Evidence! To Date NOT a single #CIA -Directed #MSM Has Either Seen or Asked for a Single Evidence In #Khashoggi Case- “Trump says US asked for audio 'if it exists'”

Sibel Edmonds @sibeledmonds 7h7 hours ago Follow my #Khashoggi Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds for All the facts, updates & analyses you won’t find via #MSM. Read the entire lengthy thread (Via reply chain) to understand this “scripted” circus with several mega interests running the show as “shadows” behind.

Scorpio said...

Amanda raises some good questions here.
Also, the "15 man hit team" story is lulz-worthy.

zapoper said...

He was buried at sea like Osama bin Laden. Its a centuries old Muslim custom don't you know? ROFL

WWS said...

Special prize in every box: https://www.kingkit.co.uk/uploads/shop/large/71334P1010012.JPG

"Look mom, it's a Khashoggi !!"

"Adnan it to your collection, little Tommy..."