November 03, 2018

John Fitzgerald for Congress 2018 - Election day is Tuesday, November 6...

Support this man for Congress. I never do politics but someone like this in my area would drive me to the polls... absolutely. Notably, he got the second most votes (over 20 thousand) in California against the incumbent. That tells me that people who do know about him want him in... i want him in. It is also heartening to know there are that many awake and aware people out there, we don't get to hear about that. The reason he didn't get the most votes is because no one gets to hear his platform. Here's his web-site where he speaks on all the issues:

NOTE:  His web-site is also a great place to send anyone in need of an education as to what is really taking place in the world... it goes on for pages and pages, with links... he literally talks about EVERYTHING (except the fake moon walk... lol).  Support any way you can, even if it is only in getting the word out.

His message:
Two simple questions to ALL of those who call me hate-filled, racist and/or anti-Semitic simply for having the “temerity” or “audacity” to “question” and/or NOT conform to “official narratives” pertaining to many different subjects that have been PURPOSELY deemed “TABOO” by either our Government, Politicians, Mainstream news, Educational Institutions, Hollywood or otherwise.
  1. WHY is questioning ANY aspect of ANY issue outside the official narrative made to be thought of as so “TABOO” in our society, thus making it off-limits so it CANNOT be CHALLENGED without FEAR of PERSONAL THREATS, SLANDER or otherwise. Afterall, shouldn’t HISTORICAL FACT be able to STAND UP on its own MERIT when SCRUTINIZED?
  2. And don’t ALL of us under the First Amendment have the RIGHT to FREEEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION without FEAR of DEATH THREATS and SLANDER, all of which I have received an abundance of throughout my campaign simply because I challenge the STATUS QUO with HARD FACTS? I believe so, but I’ll let ALL of you be the JUDGE!


Amanda said...

Thanks for posting. Haven't heard of this guy before..

And it's always good to question official narratives b/c they always fall apart. Dr. Eowyn looking into the alleged synagogue shooting, and it looks like Allegheny County has no records of arrests or crimes committed on 10/27

wanda said...

Yeah... he's probably got the same odds of winning (and/or just staying alive) as a snowball in hell but it's his message that needs to go mainstream.

Your comments are very much appreciated, particularly because it is very difficult to find those who are doing deep analysis of these hoax shootings doing a simple internet search. The pickings on JewTube are getting very slim.

I see a resurgence in the popularity of Mami's. God's will and godspeed to all of us.

Amanda said...

yes, hard to find info on the hoaxes. I actually don't have much time to do any research on my own, so I just check out what Fetzer, Dr. Eowyn at fellowship of minds, and Russ Winter at winter watch or new nationalist have. At this point, I just assume everything is a lie or fake.

Amanda said...

Forgot to add, I also check out James Tracy's (he's still posting on the hoaxes and false flags, even though they basically ruined his life and got him fired for exposing Sandy Hook). I also post the stuff I find here, but I think most people there are kind of sick of these staged events.

wanda said...

Election results
Percent Candidate Party Votes Winner
71.9% Mark DeSaulnier* Dem 110,188 ✓
28.1% John Fitzgerald GOP 43,053
Well... that's 43 thousand awake and aware people in District 11 in California... that's something, really.