November 29, 2018

No Planes on 9/11? and Other Shocking Controversies with Special Guest Dr. Jim Fetzer PhD


Og said...

fetzer got his arse handed to him

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Fetz has lost all credibility. Check this out. He's going down because of Sandy Hook - - Check out the comments. You missed this one by a long shot Fetz, and now you're in deep shi*. Good luck. Don't forget to bring Wolfy as your best witness.
Way to go Fetz! You've really helped the truth movement on this one - made them all look like wak jobs. The parasites love you for keeping the attention away from the "truth" tellers.

John Miller said...

There should have been airplane debris on the ground, luggage, dead bodies... Dr. Fetzer is correct !!

1melahat said...

(((Jason Goodman)))

This guy had an agenda. He was disingenuous. He wanted to make Fetzer angry and then play the victim.

So obvious it was a set up.