November 21, 2018

Patrick Little "Get off Gab"


Unknown said...

Good God I hate this prick.

Patrick Little-turnout telling people not to use the only free speech platform available.

Dude, all you do is incite people against jews. You havr nothing of value to say. You're like David Duke on steroidal amphetamines. Duke is very knowledgable about a lot of things, but all you do is jew jew jew.

It is bad because it does incite reptisals against the chosenites. It is also bad because you did this while, ostensibly, siding with the alt-right and further damaged anyone else associated with it. You are cancer Mr. Little-turnout.

Also, he and handsome truth are basically living off cheques signed by Tom Steyer. A multi-billionaire that funds the democrat party to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

He is an operative and is funded by our enemies.

Use gab, just don't incite people to play time crisis in a synangogue like this asshole.

Max Smart said...

Kike detected, kike detected, kike detected.