December 02, 2018

5G rollout is provisionally slated for 2020 in the UK

Parliament is debating the relevant controlling legislation at the moment.

By the look of the proposed implementation its going to involve a huge expansion in localised "In your street" millimetric shortwave transmissions - with possibly TX/RX stations on every other lamp post/building.

This must mean that the amount of microwave per cubic unit of measurement will rise significantly ?

Yet, when you look at the proposed governing legislation going through Parliament at the moment, there is no chapter concerning health implications:-

The Radiological Protection Board has already gone on record to confirm that mobile phone use of the current generation of phones will give rise to a certain level of cancer deaths  (In the hundreds of thousands) and that these casualties are acceptable. ! With the proposed increase in use under 5 G, the predicted figures must be far worse for 5G.

Any views on this ?

You're more likely to get cancer from the sun, being fat, drinking etc than you are from low level microwave radiation.

In fact the electronics and fire retardants in the phone are probably a lot more dangerous.

Apples, mustard, toast, BBQ food all contain notable levels of carcinogenic chemicals.

Chemically oxygen is quite bad for you so I strongly suggest you avoid breathing for the good of your health.

Also stress is a known carcinogenic factor so stop worrying about getting cancer, or you'll get cancer.

Death is 100% contagious and 100% fatal, the incubation period is somewhere between 0-140 years.


BillyBob said...

5G will be the death of many N. Americans. Here in SWOntario there is a gubbermint program to cut down as many trees as possible (our local municipalities get a fee for taking down each tree - as trees are BAD for 5G!

Jeanice Barcelo has written a great deal on radiation poisoning, she has suffered from it in her Long Island community! She had to learn about it or die trying.

If my wife should pass on, I will be heading for a trailer in the forest .. where there is no radiation!

foon1e said...

Friiiiing Tonight!!...Ummm...obviously i mean soon enough ;)(with apologies to Kenneth Williams)

KnownUnknown said...

If trees are bad for 5G what are cars and buildings???

They might be clearing trees but it's not for 5g

zapoper said...

One of the things that makes my city nice to live in, is all the 50-100 year old trees. If they cut them down we'll be forced to look at all the nice migrants instead.

KnownUnknown said...

Same as this place, we get sky towers of 1 bedroom apartments only Chinese live in. I can't see how giant concrete and steel towers are OK but trees are bad for 5g

BillyBob said...

"They might be clearing trees but it's not for 5g".... another well researched opinion.

Implications for 5G: Property owner can be forced to cut trees if they interfere with Wi-Fi

KnownUnknown said...

We because I can't WiFi at Carlton Gardens under the Gumtrees right now...