December 29, 2018

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 886 - 2018.12.29

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (born ca. 1973) is the author of the widely imitated and hugely influential modern historical work, "The Synagogue of Satan", which has been translated into numerous languages and featured on bestseller lists worldwide. His second book is entitled "In The Name of Yahweh". "The Synagogue Of Satan," was an education in who controls the world and how they do it, "In The Name Of Yahweh," shows us why they are in control, and how their control can be broken.

Alison Chabloz & Monika Schaefer – The Persecution Of The Dissidents

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Amanda said...

sort of off topic, but I just heard of this guy Shaeffer Cox who spoke out about the Federal Reserve and apparently accused state and federal officials of being involved with child sex trafficking, and maybe drug trafficking too, up in Alaska (where he's from). Apparently the FBI somehow set him up and now he's in some kind of max security prison (I guess b/c people who talk about the fed reserve scam and report govt officials involved w/pedophilia are "dangerous" to society.

I just learned about him from listening to an audio with Larry Klayman (his lawyer)

Here's a vid w/Shaeffer Cox-

more here too

Al-lat said...

Alison: "THe Soviets just arrested some Rappers".
Where have you been? There's no longer a Soviet Union, it's Russia Or officially, the Russian Federation."