December 17, 2018

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.12.17

Brizer's guests: for the first 30 minutes, Karin Smith and Schalk van der Merwe are giving us an update on the war declared against whites. After that, Max Igan and Sakti discuss a huge land called the Grand Tartary or Tartaria which existed 200 years ago and has been almost completely and deliberately erased from our history.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brizer. Just got around to hearing the (edited) podcast. Thanks for the interesting show there, normally too lazy to comment but heard the open mike exchange during the outro. Honestly the show ran well despite the techie glitches, having so many guests spread all over the world on one show with domestic grade equipment and (((Skype))) you have to expect hiccups. If people are listening live it still shouldn't be an issue, it's not like sitting next to an old fashioned radio set - we are on PCs and smartphones and are always multitasking whilst enjoying the shows. So there it is, please don't be disheartened. Your efforts are appreciated!
Anyways, am looking forward to be able to listen LIVE next week at your Yule-eve special earlier time of 21.00 GMT.
I'm cross posting this to the chat because this comment may drop off the front page before you see it. Best wishes.

Urahara said...
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Brizer said...

@Dr,Goebbels, thanks for your comment Herr Doktor lol, much appreciated. Yeah when the tech glitches happens live it does throw me a little off balance and fecks up my train of thought sometimes. But it did turn out well in the end and we got through it and I'm glad you and others enjoyed it. Getting positive feedback is important because it gives both me and Graham the impetus to keep on going. Many thanks for your support. Again very much appreciated. Slainte!